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The music goes round and round….

Posted by quirksalight on December 9, 2006

Sometimes you find a CD, indie, top 40, whatever, that catches your mind and you want to play it over and over again. My Chemical Romance’s “the Black Parade” and Rise Against’s “The Sufferer & the Witness” has become one of those. Both were bands that I had liked in the past, but not to the point where I would just listen to the cd over and over again. For both bands, the dramatic difference in the production from the previous cd was amazing. In both cds, the music was a lot tighter – there weren’t any sloppiness in the flow as the previous records had.
The draw in the two records are actually quite different. Rise Against is the punk/rock band from Chicago with great lyrics and a driving musical track that makes you want to get up, jump, and express the hard beats physically. Their lyrics are touching upon other aspects of life besides the usual, “oh woe is me, I’m in love” or “Oh, life if wonderful, I’m in love” kinda jobby that the usual fare on the pop/rock music circuit. Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing songs with lyrics in that line (Aerosmith has a bunch, actually), but it’s nice to get some variety in the topics.
“The Black Parade” on the otherhand has been compaired to older rock albums as the entire cd revolves around a theme, which in this case is a dying cancer patients. You read/listen to songs about the varied emotions around and from the dying; form the patient to others, others to the patient, and the patient to themselves. Kinda depressing, eh? Yes and no. The theme, yeah. But the presentation makes it worthwhile to listen to – you get awash in the emotions that are conveyed in the music.


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