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Muzakal Ladies…

Posted by quirksalight on December 16, 2006

One new cd and one old…..
Just got Nelly Furtado‘s “Loose” and Sevara Nazarkhan‘s “Yol Bolsin

Two VERY different CDs. Both are amazing auditory sensations that can make you want to get up and dance in very nearly opposite ways.

“Loose” was released earlier this year, and had pretty significant airplay on the radio with five singles, being the third record from this singer. One of the things I love about this cd are the beats; with the exception of one or two slow songs, the rest of the cd is full of fast and funky rhythms that makes it hard to resist the urge to get up and groove with the cd. (Of course, I had to get up and dance, a little bit, when I first listened to it!
This cd gets you revved up and going, with the nice thread of latin beats throughout for the body moving, and the tongue in cheek lyrics to make you smile.

“Yol Bolsin” is a whole ‘nuther creature all together. I first heard of this Uzbekistani singer from a music compliation put out by Utne Reader in 2004 that had the single “Yor-Yor (Song to the Bride)” from this cd. This cd is her second out of three, but probably the one that you’ll be able to find easiest. She has one of the most amazing voices I have heard.
A constant thread of musical accompaniment by the doutar is weaves throughout with her voices; sometimes on equal footing and other times hovering just so in the background. The doutar adds a mellow tenor counterpoint to Sevara’s voice, which is very evident in “Moghulchai Navo” where it’s mainly her and the doutar. Sometimes, certain musical refrains will bring up imagery in my head as I listen, and with this cd, images of modern dancers flowed through my head; men and women moving sinuously, with each movement unfurling to the next so carefully that you can track the changes in the musculature as they flow across an barren stage.


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