Uncertainty can be happiness

"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

What is the true face of you?

Posted by quirksalight on December 18, 2006

Who are you is such a vague question, but an essential one. What it is, is the idea of self and how that correlates to what others see of you. But because one doesn’t acknowledge/realize certain personality traits that others may see, does that mean those traits are not a part of that person’s “self”?
For example, if a person thinks that they are charitable and kind, but others see this same person as selfish and stingy, who is correct? Is there even a “correct” to state? And this is a rather simple example – not even beginning to touch upon the multitudes of personality traits that make up a person’s “self”.
It’s amazing that even after years, one day, you can wake up to the realization that this person, your friend, is really not who you thought they were. I’m pretty sure that this person does not see themselves as I now see them, and I wonder why I hadn’t seen these aspect of their personality before. But with this realization (I hesitate to use the word “knowledge” as this is a personal opinion), should I change my actions towards this person? Would I even be able to continue interacting with this friend in the same manner as prior to this?


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