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Karate is apparently a part of US and Iraqi culture….

Posted by quirksalight on December 20, 2006

So today there was a nice headline:
U.S. Hands Najaf Province Over to Iraqi Forces

It was nice to see a positive article in relation to Iraq… you don’t see too much of those these days. Especially when it comes to security issues…it’s usually in the lines of “US sends more forces,” or “More troops needed,” not that the US is confident enough to hand over security duties to the Iraqi forces.
But in reading the article, you begin to see an interesting picture…that apparent demonstrations of courage involved an imitation of Ozzy Osbourne, except with a frog instead of a bat. If this was an action used by the Fedayeen under Hussein as a demonstration of courage, why would you want to continue performing that action if you are leaving that portion of history behind?


One Response to “Karate is apparently a part of US and Iraqi culture….”

  1. Most importantly, does he get paid for eating the frog?

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