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A little late joining the game, but loved it…

Posted by quirksalight on December 23, 2006

After what ended up amounting to several years of indecision and multiple checkouts from my local libaries in two different states, I finally read Alice Sebold’s “ the Lovely Bones
I’m not going to re-summarize the book; suffise it to say, the book describes how people are interconnected by a fine web and how a disturbing death causes this web to reshape, changing people who are directly and indirectly connected to the victim.
Looking back on the years of indecision about reading this, I can regret that it took me so long to enjoy a well written piece of text. And I loved the book. There were several points where the author’s writing moved me to the point of tears, where her descriptions made you feel the waves of emotions that were enveloping her characters. And how like a stone in a pond, you can see the ripples from the narrator’s death affect her family, friends, neighbors, and even the attacker. Is there a satisfactory conclusion? Not really. But then if there was a clear conclusion, it would lessen the impact of the novel; make it it just one more step removed from reality and easier to digest. The very uneasiness and apt descriptions of the people who are left to struggle after the death of a loved one makes it hit all too close to home.


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