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If you eat Bessie, will you eat Bessie II too?

Posted by quirksalight on December 29, 2006

The Food and Drug Administration gave a preliminary ok for the use of cloned animals as a source of meat and milk on thursday. Here’s the article.

Now, I’m not going to say animal products are good or bad; that’s up to you. I’m just interested in the use of cloning for meat and milk. Please keep in mind that genetic engineering has been in use in plant based foods for generations. Corn, wheat, and rice all have been cross bred for specific yields and durability, this being a cornerstone of the “Green Revolution” of the 60’s.
If we are willing consumers of modified crops, what the difference with cloned animals? In fact, an argument can be made that the clones are more “pure” as they haven’t been modified; just copied.
So tell me, will you eat Bessie I and Bessie II?


3 Responses to “If you eat Bessie, will you eat Bessie II too?”

  1. Sure, I’ll eat ’em. Of course, I think that cloned animals should be under the same standards (or more stringent) as non-cloned ones for consumption, but there doesn’t seem to be anything inherent in the cloning procedure that would make cloned animals dangerous. In fact, engineering more efficient, standardized animals could minimize waste in the same way that selective breeding allows those who raise animals to make their operations more efficient.

  2. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. I’m curious where you’re studying biomedical engineering at? You can email me at brettkeller84@yahoo.com or facebook me.

  3. efrat said

    i’m waiting for them to do away with the animal portion and just grow meat. i don’t have anything against eating cloned animals, but i can definitely picture the spread of disease or mutation if something goes awry. then again, i often have apocaltypic visions 🙂

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