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Yarn Madness…

Posted by quirksalight on December 29, 2006

You know that you may have the tiniest bit of an obsession with yarn if….

….you have determined that you can place all the balls, spools, skeins, and hanks of yarn on the floor of your bedroom and cover the entire floor. And roll around in the utter softness!

….someone points out that breaking your yarn habit would pay for a substantial portion of a motorcycle.

….running out of yarn makes you eager to finish the project because you can buy more yarn.

….non-knitting friends have considered if they need to stage an “intervention”

….you and your knitting friends have formed a “stash limiter” support group.

….online drooling over the latest colorways of your favorite alpaca and/or merinos is not an unusual thing for you.

….monthly budgeting of expenses goes in order: rent, utilities, and tied for third is food and yarn.

….you ask your well-traveled friend to stop at the local yarn store abroad. And then proceed to send him a power point presentation showing pictures of the yarns by type, color, and catalogue number.

….that same friend returns from abroad with more yarn than the distance between New York City and San Francisco. In a very large duffle bag. Taking more than 50% of his luggage.

Enjoy! And yes, some (not all!!) of these points have actually happened to me.


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