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“What ever happened to the idea of striving…to be better human beings than we are?”

Posted by quirksalight on January 6, 2007

I ran across a post on Shane’s blog on wordpress’ “blogs of the day” list today…..Written by Sharon Underwood, it was a letter to the editor, published in the Valley News (White River Junction, VT/Hanover, NH) on Sunday, April 30, 2000.

The issue of homosexuality is a divisive issue in today’s society, seen especially in the political, societal, and legal rows over the past five years. Multiple legal rulings, contraditory in some cases, legislations for and against homosexual marriage; politicians using it as a platform for election (Santorum!! Good-bye!!). Like a lot of things, both sides often forget that the “issue” is not an abstract concept to be right or wrong about, but something that directly affects the lives of people.

Is this something that we as a nation should regulate? No, I personally don’t believe so. But considering the legal and economic benefits and roles marriage has in today’s society, to ensure that the government can not tell you who to or not to marry, the government would have to state marriage is just between two individuals, or to remove any legal and economic benefits that the state currently endows on the “marrieds”.
I can’t really see the latter being an option. Not only for tax, insurance and medical partner benefits, but also the legal side; inheritance, power of attorney, right to make decisions for an incapacitated partner. Removing this would create a HUGE legal and economic mess, and more laws would have to enacted to fix it.
The former, defining the term “marriage” more broadly, is the crux of today’s conflict. How important is the word? Would it change things if all the legal and economic benefits of heterosexual marriages are given to “unions”?


3 Responses to ““What ever happened to the idea of striving…to be better human beings than we are?””

  1. Missy said

    Good points! The real issue is that the LAW is acting as if it were religion! Marriage is a two-prong process every single time! One you need the government’s legal permisson (to protect people from unscrupulous bigamists and such) in order to marry (the license) and then you need some type of ceremony to seal the deal, so to speak, which can be either civil or religious UNDER THE LAW. To my mind – the legal issues are completely separate from what SOME people say are moral issues. While I may not be interested in marrying a person of my own gender – do I really care if someone else does? My morality (and I am not saying that gay weddings are immoral at all – just using the other side’s word) is my business is it not? Why should it matter if relgion decides not to grant to people of the same gender the right to cement the deal in some religious establishment? It could still be regulated by law – which is not supposed to be the moral center – just the justice center. Fair and just – that is the law alledgedly.

    I am sure I will never understand why some people feel that they have so much free time – being completely MORAL and perfect that they have time to spare to worry about everyone else’s soul. Personally – I do not. I also can’t imagine why anyone would care if two people marry and they happen to be the same gender… they are asking you to marry them? No one will be forced into a gay marriage.. so why is it an issue… ?

    I say – some people just need something to worry about and this is what they have chosen…

  2. Shane said

    The sad thing is that it wouldn’t change anything about heterosexual marriage. Missy is right about morals being sepreate from law. It all reminds me of the whole reefer madness thing except this isn’t a drug…just gay relationships.

  3. I think what really is disturbing is that people honestly, truely, believe that they are doing others a favor by their actions. The whole thread of “let me save you from yourself” and the proseltyzing aspect of many religions which may or may not be strictly against homosexuality doesn’t help, either.

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