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Dude… I’m a fangirl….

Posted by quirksalight on April 24, 2007

I and two of my friends were at the April 18th taping of the Colbert Report and it was awesome!!!

I think I squealed when I saw the microwave Colbert stole from his stint on O’Reilly’s show. 😛
The coolest part was the open Q&A session before the actual taping of the show – of course, I couldn’t think of anything to ask!! And during one of the commercial breaks, he gets up and starts lip-syncing and dancing to the the music being piped in …. totally hilarious!


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Posted by quirksalight on April 24, 2007

I don’t know how many of y’all get “itchy feet,” but I’ve always wanted to do more traveling than is actually realistic. Maybe I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel or reading National Geographic too much (they really know how to sell it to you, eh?), but I have an intense hankering to travel. And not to the Pragues and Syndeys of the world.


No, I want to hit Ulaan Baatar, the Faroe Islands, the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, and Sardinia (I blame this one on Vik!). To see the Northern Lights as I freeze my ass off in -40 F temperatures, frozen in place (literally!) with the beauty.

Northern Lights
From Wikipedia….
Which is really funny, as I love being in a city. Hahahaha…..

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