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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Cyber-warfare and a different kind of vulnerability

Posted by quirksalight on May 29, 2007

With a combination of hacking and data flooding, Estonian networks were attacked over a series of weeks in which many report as an outcropping of the real-world ethnic tensions between the Estonian government and the Russian minority with the movement of a military memorial in April.
Accusations of Russian governmental involvement have been flying, with tracking IP addresses to the Kremlin and counters by Russia as being used as a scapegoat by outside hackers.
Estonia Computers Blitzed, Possibly by the Russians
Estonian Links Moscow to Internet Attack
Digital Fears Emerge After Data Siege in Estonia

This just re-highlights of this siege is the vulnerability of the political and financial digital infrastructures of not only Estonia, but of all nations. So now what? Yes, tech is speeding forward and a rapid clip and governmental reaction is the case, not any preemption. What would be a good way to be ready to respond to potential disruptions on the digital level? According to the news articles above, this data siege was expected and prepped for, but underestimated. Is there another way to be able to respond to the disruption on a more flexible basis?


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