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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Cathedral Pines 1, Me 1

Posted by quirksalight on June 4, 2007

After a loss in the first round, for round two in my foray into mountain biking, I went back to Cathedral Pines to tackle the course with repaired brakes, new bike seat and tuned up bike. And with my roommate, who was also eager for the ride.
And success! I completed it with no falls and even tackled one of the optional “black diamond” runs for extra kicks. 😛 A couple near misses (do they count?) where I braked too hard with my rear brake and one place where I just plain ran out of steam on a nice incline, but I completed it in 50 mins. Not bad for 7 miles in the woods. 🙂


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