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The effectiveness of sleep on performance

Posted by quirksalight on June 16, 2007

Sleep is a bit crucial to one’s physical and mental performance the day after. Even though I was not able to sleep much on Friday night, I decided to keep my weekly Saturday morning trail riding. (Gotta keep a pattern going)

[Image Removed upon request]

Heading back to Rocky point with two friends, we were attempting to redo the ride from last week, minus the mud, rain, and needing to hose off the bike and self after.
One that that became very rapidly evident was my decreased stamina and reflexes. There were many times where I had to stop due to flying off the trail and into the bush and other times were the physical exertion on top of fatigue was making me nauseous. The nausea went away about 6-7 miles in, but it wasn’t pleasant. We were going a slow enough pace for me to stop and get the blood back to my head to decrease the nausea and to cope with my delayed reaction time.
What sucks is that we did the main loop of the trail, but not the west loop this time. Argh. Lesson learned. Sleep before exertion the next day


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