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Montreal bound!!!

Posted by quirksalight on June 24, 2007

I leave Sunday morning for a two week trip to Montreal. Originally, it was supposed to be one-week, for a scientific conference (my last major conference as a grad student for the forseeable future) there. Interestingly enough, the conference overlaps with the Montreal Jazz Festival, so I decided to extend my trip a couple days. A couple days became an extra 8 days upon learning that some friends of mine will also be attending.
Most definitely psyched! I haven’t had a long vacation in a while, and the total music immersion is something I’m very much looking forward to.
I’m staying at the Montreal hostel, the run by Hosteling International. The place has great reviews from individuals and other independent guide books, and it looks like the place is well-run, has bar crawls (woo hoo!) twice a week, and has gotten rave reviews.
I plan on renting a bike to see the city before the Jazz fest, as Montreal is supposed to be a very bike friendly city. I’ll fill in details time to time but I doubt I’ll be posting much while there.


3 Responses to “Montreal bound!!!”

  1. Karen said

    Have a wonderful time… see you when you return!

  2. Jesse said

    have a great time beney, relax and enjoy

  3. so how was your trip to Montreal? did you enjoy the montreal nightlife any places in particular you enjoyed? keep up the good work.

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