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Getting ink done – Part I

Posted by quirksalight on August 29, 2007

It’s going to run across my upper back, in three panels. The main central panel is a thirteen-pointed star:
The star was designed on Geometer’s sketchpad and the trefoil mobius strip courtesy of K. Brakke’s code using Surface Evolver (freeware). The gray shading on the points aren’t completely true to what it will be; the reality will be more gradual and blended with the other facets.
The remaining two panels are still abstract and in progress. No worries.. they flank the star, so it’s a bit essential that it’s finished first, no?
Found a shop & artist whom I’m happy with; Chris Koutsis from Da Vinci tattoo.
August 31st is the date.


2 Responses to “Getting ink done – Part I”

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