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Minor Knee Surgery

Posted by quirksalight on September 29, 2007

This blog is starting to become a medical update more than a chronicle of what I’m trying to do with my life after graduate school. Hopefully, that won’t continue for too much longer.
So it’s surgery time. Minor, but i’ll still be under general anesthesia for the duration. The procedure is called arthroscopic lavage; basically, washing out the joint (in my case, the knee) via arthroscopy. The goal of this procedure is to wash out and remove any particles in the joint space which would/have caused inflammation and irritation. Also, to check out why I keep on getting Baker’s cysts and rupturing them (4 and counting!). No debridement, no surgical repair of the chondral defect, just cleaning out the space.

Am a bit nervous; haven’t ever had surgery before, haven’t even been under general anesthesia, and am not too happy it has come down to this. But I don’t want to wonder if each step I take up a set of stairs will come with shooting pains in my knee.


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