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Being a fan sucks

Posted by quirksalight on November 4, 2007

.. when your team gives up FOUR touchdowns and it’s not even the end of the third quarter.
Philly, the team that loves to raise your hopes, just to break them down.


4 Responses to “Being a fan sucks”

  1. I can’t stand it. Watching every week makes me ill and depressed. What the hell happened?????

  2. 38-17 loss… Sheesh… the magic is gone! the magic is gone!
    As a friend pointed out to me, the Eagles have no one for McNabb to throw to. I guess it’ll be a sad playoff this year.

  3. Mary Carmen said

    I refuse to be upset that TO is gone. I absolutely refuse it. SO next season, they better pick up a receiver or two.

  4. LOL…. never said that TO leaving wasn’t a good thing. It was rather stupid of them to pick up a QB instead of a receiver in this years draft.

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