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Trying the trails…

Posted by quirksalight on November 5, 2007

As my knee held up on Saturday’s road ride, the next test was to see how it held up on the trails. Listed as a beginner-intermediate level single track trail, I decided to go to Wakefield Park and Lake Accotink trails (they are interconnected by a gravel path). I completed the Lake trail and the trails by the parking lot at Wakefield Park, including getting a bit lost and confused heading back to Wakefield from the Lake trail. (to the nice biker who gave me directions at Danbury Forest, much thanks!)
Most of the information for riding in the Northern Virginia area I found on the MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts) website.

And it wasn’t too bad. Definitely out of shape, with a “holy crap” comment escaping my mouth when I saw the uphill climb by the dam at Lake Accotink. No, I did not make it up; it was rather steep and my knee told me very specifically that it wasn’t going to happen.
Speaking of the knee, the distance is just endurance – I’m lacking it due to not riding for almost two months. But the biggie is the climbs. Small changes in elevation is ok, but as it gets steeper and longer, the pain levels rise in an exponential fashion.
FYI – padded chamois biking pants rock!


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