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Masonic Temple

Posted by quirksalight on December 1, 2007

My friend Gary is visiting from NJ for the weekend, and after a series of comic mishaps, we ended up sticking around Alexandria instead of the National Mall to hit the museums. I had always wanted to check out the George Washington Masonic Memorial, but just never have. (Even after growing up in the area, etc)
Privately built and owned by the Freemasons, it was completed in 1932 to honor George Washington. The observation deck gives incredible views of the city of Alexandria and beyond, as the 300+ ft tall building is on top of a rather large hill.
Eastern View More Pictures!
A quirky bit of trivia about the memorial has to do with the elevators. According to the tour guide, it was windy on the day that the elevators were installed, and through off the plumb line. So the elevator shaft does not go straight up, but at a slight slant. So at the observation deck, the two elevators are 9 feet apart, but 300 feet down, they are right next to each other.


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