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Revisiting my gremlin….

Posted by quirksalight on December 16, 2007

I finally went and saw an orthopedic surgeon in Virginia for my knee again. The swelling and joint pain had subsided for a while, but now it’s becoming a bit more frequent.
Playing the Dr roulette, I searched in my insurer network for an Orthopedic Surgeon in the area, that takes my insurance, has multiple hospital privileges, and no malpractice or negative rating shows up in a Google search. The first guy I picked, Dr. S, looks to be a pretty good choice. His specialty is in knee, sports injury, and the articular cartilage, which fits the bill quite well for me. In addition, he did his residency at the Hospital for Special Surgery, which is one of the best places in the country for Orthopedic problems. I tried to get an appointment there, but my health insurance only coverage the hospital fees, but not the doctor’s bill, which can run to $400 + per visit. (ouch!)
My appointment with him was this past Thursday, and it appears that I’ve made a good choice. The office was a little hard to find, and I got there late, so I had to wait a bit longer to see him. On the upside, I got an x-ray of my left knee, which let me see how my kneecap is positioned at the moment. Maybe I’m being a bit optimistic, but it looks like the kneecap is tad more medial then it was 10 months ago.
As I brought all my records from the Orthopedic Surgeons in NY (It’s a little aggravating to know that I’m now on my 4th (!) OS for this problem in less than 5 months), we discussed what I had done in the past, and what options I should be thinking about in the future. He agreed with me that the chrondroplasty/debridement was a bad option and will only cause more problems in the long run. His proposal was a bit interesting; to do a conservative treatment for 6-9 months, which includes physical therapy, NSAIDs, lifestyle changes, and losing weight.
If things aren’t any better after that time period, then he wants me to consider an autologous chrondrocyte implantation and a Fulkerson osteotomy. The former take my own chrondrocytes, ships them off to a lab so they can be grown into cartilage, which is then implanted into the regions of destroyed cartilage. The latter is a physical restructuring of the patellar ligament insertion point in the patella. It’s pretty invasive and is not a minor piece of surgery; from what I’ve read online, the healing process can be anywhere from 4 months to a year. (yikes!) Side effects include IT syndrome, where the IT band rubs/snaps against the distal femur, nerve damage, joint pain, accelerated osteoarthritis, accelerated osteopenia, loss of sensation, and total failure of the surgery. On the upside, there’s a high success rate, especially in the younger population, mostly arthroscopic surgery, and I’d get an injection of my own lab-grown chrondrocytes.
But… decision time is months away and I’ll have a year to think on this. Crossing my fingers….go, go, physical therapy!! 😛


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  1. Derek said

    I’m glad to see your Orthopaedic Surgeon is going to try physical therapy first! There are some great studies coming out to support what we do.

    If you would like more information, let me know.

    Just make sure you get to CHOOSE where you attend physical therapy. You can visit this link to help find a quality PT in your area.


  2. Farrah said


    I have had ongoing knee problems for over 6 years now. I had an arthroscopic surgery for chondromalacia about 5 years ago with no success. I have been going to 3 different doctors off and on for the entire 6 years while doing therapy off and on as well. I have done probably 2 total years of therapy with absolutely no help. So finally after seeing this one doc for 1.5 years, he transferred me back over to the OS doc. So now the OS doc has finally agreed that I have problems 🙂 I have patellar subluxation in both knees. Since the “quick” fix 5 years ago didn’t help, I am now scheduled for Jan 8 Fulkerson Osteotomy. At that time, they will be doing a biopsy on my cartilage for a future potential autologous chrondrocyte implantation. My OS says that if the Fulkerson doesn’t help 100%, then there is a lot of cartilage damage and the implantation will be the next step. I am looking forward to healthy knees…that is for sure! It would be nice to keep in touch to see how we are healing/not healing. Good Luck with therapy!

  3. Thanks Farrah! I’m curious to see how your Fulkerson comes out. Personally, I would like to avoid that at all costs; the idea of being out for a year is really bothersome. I had intensive PT September and October 2007 and it did help.

  4. Farrah said

    That’s great that therapy did help! I had always gotten stronger from therapy, but never felt better. So has your knee improved at all since you wrote the original post? My surgery is tomorrow and I am so very nervous! My first surgery was easy, but this one is much different! I will post again after it. Good luck again!

  5. Farrah said

    Oh…my doctor said it would take only 3-6 mos of recovery for Fulkerson. The ACI would take 12-16 mos. I hope I don’t have to have that one! I guess I will know in 3-6 mos!!

  6. Farrah said

    Well today was my surgery. It was a lot different than the one I had 5-6 yrs ago. A lot more painful too!! So my doctor said everything went well, but he did find something else that is a big problem, but I was kind of out of it at the time so I didn’t understand. It sounds like I may not need the ACI. He said I did have cartilage damage, but not all the way down to the bone.

    About today….I had to arrive at 6:15am to do a fitting for a CPM machine in the lobby of the doctors office. In case you don’t know, it is a machine that you rest your leg in and it automatically moves it straightening and bending it at particular angles that you set. After that, I had my 6:30am check in time and was pretty surprised that I had my IV in and all my vitals checked by probably 7:00am. My doctor is the head physician of the Atlanta Falcons and Thrashers. So while my husband was waiting for my pre opt, a falcons player was signing in for his scope surgery!! My husband was pretty ecstatic about it…they talked for a few minutes, then got his autograph. Once he arrived in my pre opt room, the anesthesiologist explained that he had to do a nerve block, one shot in my back and on the top of my leg later followed by a general anesthesia. The nerve block numbed my right leg…once in recovery from surgery, I realized some of the medication leaked over to my left leg and caused a lot of numbness…this only happens to 1 in 50 people. Anyway, once I woke up, I felt out of it for a little while. I had to wait an extra 1hr-1.5hrs for my left leg to get the feeling back so I could use it to walk with crutches. So once I finally left and arrived home by 2:00pm, I relaxed with my game ready ice machine and my electrotherapy machine. While my right leg was numb, I felt okay. Just a little throbbing in my knee cap area. Around 5:00 pm or so, the nerve block began to wear off and I have been experiencing severe pain since then. Exactly after 4 hrs after my last 2 percocets, I took it again. So now I am a tiny bit better. Going to the bathroom is tough, but manageable. My electrotherapy and game ready are helping a lot!! Sorry to type your eyes off!! It gets my mind off the pain!! Talk to you soon.

  7. How are you doing on day two post-op? Is the pain subsiding at all?

    If your damage isn’t down to the bone, that’s a good thing! That means that there’s still cartilage left to save. The ACI helps in the long run, as it give you more cartilage. What did your doctor say about the ACI? Did he clarify at all?
    Ah, the CPM machine. A friend of mine had to use it post-op when he tore his ACL. How often are you using it? Does it hurt? And what kind of electrotherapy are you getting?
    Talk to you soon!

  8. Farrah said


    I wasn’t sure if you were still checking this site out.

    So it is Thursday (2 days post op). The pain has gotten better. The worst part is actually the long incision under my knee cap running down my tibia. It tends to sting a lot. The percocet helps! 🙂 I actually slept 6 hours straight last night! So everything is tolerable. The severe pain hasn’t been around since the day of surgery. I just keep icing, using electrotherapy, and using my CPM machine. This morning was my first physical therapy appointment post op. I was so scared that he would hurt me so badly! He said it would probably be my easiest appointment! It wasn’t too badly. Of course it did hurt some, but not enough to stop. When he took off my dresssings, I was actually impressed that it didn’t look too badly. I had the two little arthroscopic incisions and about a 5 inch incision with stitches. There was a lot of swelling around my knee cap and some bruising all over, but not too badly if you ask me. So my exercises included squeezing my knee into the pillow several times with the muscle stimulation on. He could hardly tell that I was doing anything b/c that muscle is just not working. Then I had to do an exercise where he held my leg up in the air and I had to squeeze it to stay up myself. I couldn’t do it after about 10 tries (still with e stim). Then I started barley holding it up myself until the machine subsided. It hurt my knee cap a lot, but was tolerable. I eventually began lifting it and lowering it with the e stim, but with no other assistance. He later asked me to lift it myself with out the e stim, and I couldn’t do it at all. He said in surgery they completely knock out that muscle that helps you lift your leg. So he wasn’t surprised that I couldn’t do some of the stuff. I also did the adductor and abductor exercises without the e stim. I did a calf and hamstring stretch as well. Oh…the last exercise I did was a heal slide sitting on the edge of the table with my foot on a little wooden rolly thing. My good foot was crossed over and pushing my bad one as much as it would bend. All in all, it was tolerable. I was seriously tired when I got home. I have a split foyer house, so going up the front stairs was a little more difficult than before therapy.

    So to answer your questions…my doctor said that only if this surgery didn’t help, that I would need the ACI. He said that the fulkerson has a 90% chance of helping everything. The problem he found during surgery is that my trochlea groove is as shallow has possible. He said there is a surgery that is way worse than fulkerson to fix that, but like I said before, I don’t remember anything else he said about that. It sounds like as long as the fulkerson helped, then I am done.

    The rep who brought me the CPM machine recommended starting it at 35 degrees and using it for 4-6 hours a day. He also said to increase it by 5 deg everyday. I used it on the surgery day only for an hour at 35 degrees. My knee was definately stiff, so I could feel it pulling it a little, but it wasn’t too painful. Yesterday I did it for 2-2hour sessions at 40 deg. At the beginning it hurts at the top a little, but tolerable. Today I did so far 1-2 hour session at 45 degrees even with therapy this morning, and it didn’t really hurt…just a little at the top. It so good, that I am actually taking a nap during it.

    The electrotherapy unit is from VQ OrthoCare and is called the surgistim 3. You can see details on their website if you want. http://www.vqorthocare.com. It is suppose to help with pain, swelling, circulation, and muscle stimulation. I don’t notice a difference, but I still use it. The first 48 hours I had to use it constantly with a preset that included different stimulations for different purposes. I pretty much have been keeping the electrodes on on the layer of stuff where my dressing is. Then I have my compression wrap, then my ice wrap over that. So when I use the bathroom or go anywhere, I unplug everything, then plug it all back in when I get back.

    I hope this didn’t kill you to read it all. I wish someone had all this info for me before surgery. All the forums I have seen are all 3-7 years old and are out of date. So this should help if you end up having this surgery. Talk to you again soon!

  9. Dawn said

    Thank you for your post. I too had the Fulkerson Osteotomy on Dec. 18th which makes me 3 1/2 weeks post op. I also had a Patella Ligament Reconstruction and was suppose to have a microfracture but my OS opted for an Oats procedure (not sure if thats right). I had damage under my knee cap which in turn my OS decided to implant fake bone into my knee cap where the damage was. As far as pain I havent experienced any. The only pain I had was in my calf which turned out to be a blood clot that happend due to the surgery. But getting on blood thinners has helped out a great deal.

    Anyway, I have been non weight barring for this entire time. Its killing me that I can’t drive or walk but I know it takes patience. I am still taking showers in a chair because I am scared to stand in the shower on one leg. The surgery went well. I started PT two weeks after my surgery. It has been going well. He is teaching me excersizes and trying to get my knee to bend at 90 degrees. Since the last PT appt. I had gotten to 62 degrees. His hope is for me to get to 90 degrees by next friday. Well we can all hope that happens.

    I am hoping that when my appointment with my OS happens next friday, which will be one month post op, he suggest that I can attempt some light weight baring. If not, at least allow me to be in a sitting position with my let bent….anything at this point. I will keep you posted on how my recovery is going. If you have any questions please let me know.

    Does anyone know how long it took them to become weight barring? If so, how was the transition from NWB to weight barring? Thanks

  10. Farrah, Dawn, thank you both for your posts on the Fulkerson Osteotomy (FO) from the patients point of view. I do agree that there seems to be a lack of recent patient accounts on the FO and healing/rehab process, and this dialog will be a great help.
    I’m curious; is the chondromalacia in your knee on one of the long bones or the patella? I’m wondering how (if at all) this would matter in the FO. Also, how did your damage and/or chondromalacia occur? Mine was partially genetics, body shape (Q angle and flat-feet), and sports all coming to a slow degradation of the cartilage.
    Dawn, your OS implanted fake bone under your knee cap? That’s a bit odd, as an OATs procedure takes healthy articular cartilage from another location and put it in the damaged area. What did you OS say about the extent of the damage to require fake bone?
    Farrah, good to hear that your pain is at the manageable levels! It sounds like they’ve got you on a pretty rigorous PT regime; I look forward to reading about your progress.
    As for weight-bearing, well, the osteotomy requires the tibia to heal the break, so like a broken leg, I’d expect that you’d have to keep your weight off for a while. Does anyone know when you get a walking cast if you break your leg? That may give a better timeframe for when you can put some weight on your leg.

  11. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn and quirksalight,

    My chondromalacia was under my knee cap. I had a surgery to fix it 6 years ago, but it didn’t help. So I still obviously had cartilage damage. For me, they did the chondroplasty during the FO to fix the cartilage that was hanging off. They trimmed it up to clean around my knee. I have a bad Q angle and slight knocked knees. So that is what has caused all of my pain. It probably wouldn’t have gotten to where it has if it wasn’t for all of the sports that I play. So part of all of this is that I had patella subluxation b/c of the structure of my knees. Now I have learned that it was also b/c I have a shallow trochlea groove. So everything is fixed now except the groove. He said on surgery day, that I may need to fix the groove which supposedly is a lot worse surgery than the FO (from his words). I can’t find any info on the internet about it. Once I go to my first PO OS appointment next friday, I will learn more about the future of my right knee.

    As far as going from NWB to WB, my doctors therapy protocol over the next few months says, toe touching with immobilizer and crutches for 2-4 weeks. After that, it goes down to one crutch, then later no crutches with immobilizer to no immobilizer. I am not sure the time frame. My doctors schedule goes up to 4 months. So I guess by 3 months, I should be able to walk without any assistance. Not sure though. I will know more at my first OS appointment. They are definately going to push me into WB. I am not sure who your doctor is, Dawn, but mine has put me on a Game Ready ice machine, electrotherapy, and a CPM machine which all have helped me a lot. I will be using the Game Ready only until Monday (5 days PO). I learned that this system progresses the healing process quickly! The CPM machine is also great with bending my knee. Today I will be trying 50 degrees already! When I started at 35 degrees on surgery day, I never thought I would ever get to 50 degrees. It doesn’t really even hurt! Of course I am still on 2 percocet every 4-6 hrs. Anyway, I feel like I am progressing nicely. Yes I am in pain, but it is all manageable. I just hope I don’t have to have another surgery on my right leg. I know I will be doing my left one once I heal. Anyway, it’s nice to talk to someone else who has had to same surgery! Good luck to you both!!

  12. Dawn said

    Well thank you two both for your point of views about this surgery. As for me, Im progressing pretty well. I am able to lift my leg and contract my quad pretty well. After surgery I did receive my CPM machine which I was told to do for about 2-2.5 hours at a time, three times a day. Before I sent it back I got up to about 50 degrees as well. Continue working hard but don’t do too much. I still continue to ice at least 5 times a day and have PT right now three times a week (mostly since Im out of work).
    As far as how my knee got to this point…well first and foremost I believe I was just born wrong…lol. I have patella alta which caused my knee to grind against the bone underneath. My OS informed me that 1/3 of the underside of my patella was completly damaged and worn. He did not know this going in because at first he was going to perform a microfracture. But since I didn’t have any good bone to use and it was damaged, he decided to do the OATs treatment. Also I played many sports during high school and college. They wanted to do surgery going into my senior year but since I only had one more year left to play I decided not to.
    Well I will know exactly what to do when I have my next appointment on Friday. Hopefully he will say at least partial WB. Im gonna have to drive to work some day…lol. Also I didnt have an immobilizer…they gave me a large knee brace which can be adjusted over time. Did you both use immobilizers? Look forward to hearing from you both.

  13. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I am in an immobilizer for now. I am not sure how long I will be in it. It is actually pretty comfortable and I can’t walk on crutches without it. Since my muscles still don’t work, my leg would just flop around and hurt really badly! So today is the morning of 5 days PO. I am still in a lot of pain in the mornings…I guess because of stiffness. I have to give up my ice machine tomorrow! UGH!!! I am not looking forward to that b/c I am so addicted to it!!! It feels so good!! I am still trying to decrease the number of percocet I take throughout the day. I am doing pretty well. I have been mainly taking one in the morning and one at night. Occassionally I need one in the middle of the day. On my crutches I have fallen a few times!!!! It’s not my fault usually. It is because one crutch slips! The other day it rained, and I had to take the dogs out. My crutch slipped on some water and almost fell off the deck. Meanwhile I was trying to get my balance from almost falling down. I did have to put some weight on my bad leg, but the pain wasn’t too bad. I just came back in and iced!! Good thing I had my immobilizer on! Then yesterday I was going down my stairs to get to the front door, and I fell down two of them completely and luckily mostly landed on my good leg. I pretended it didn’t hurt my other leg b/c my husband has been getting mad when I am not careful! Oh well…have ya’ll ever had those problems??

  14. Dawn said

    Well I have heard of many people being in an immobilizer after this surgery but my OS opted to use a knee brace which is set for me at 0 degrees. Once he feels like im able to move it…even though I sit now in a chair with my leg bent. As far as the falling, I haven’t had any episodes as of yet. But I tend to be really careful when going outside in the rain. Sorry to hear about all your episodes…make sure your careful. I tend to use one crutch when going downstairs. The one crutch beside my bad leg and using the rail where my good leg is.

    As far a pain management…if I didnt have the blood clot in my calf, I probably wouln’t need any. But I did tend to take a percocet when I went to bed and when I woke up so I understand that part. Now I only take it when I go to PT. Also my doctor told me to make sure that you allow your knee to be completely staightened by allowing it to hang some. So if your knee is up on pillows, pull them back towards your lower calf, so that it can extend. He informed that with this surgery knees tend to not want to staighten when taken out of the dressing and your immobilizer/brace.

    Continue to be safe and once your ice machine is gone, make sure you continue to ice anyway.

  15. Farrah said

    Thanks for the advice about keeping my leg straight. I was told that as well. Sometimes I do it sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it just feels good to let it bend a little. I am trying to wean myself off the ice machine. Tonight my husband and I are going to Walgreens to purchase some better ice packs than what I have. The ones I have are good for a localized area (small). So I need some bigger ones. It is one excuse to get out of the house!! Short trips work for me! Today has just been a day of on and off pain. It is mainly achy pain, but it is still so irritating. I can’t get comfortable no matter where or how I sit! I am also sick and tired of the CPM machine and how long I have to sit there so many times a day. TV gets so boring. My “good” channels are in the living room. I can’t wait to go to therapy tomorrow and get a little farther on my progress (hopefully). Have a good one!!

  16. Dawn said

    Coming from a former basketball player who was on a budget in college, a frozen bag of peas or anything is always a good if not better than any ice packs. Its cheap and it works lol. If not, just a bag of ice will do. You want it large enough that it will cover the top and sides of your knee. Those are my budget ideas…a bag of peas or a simple walmart bag with ice in it. I gave back my CPM machine after two weeks only because my insurance didn’t cover it and I was paying by the day. Im the same as you and can’t wait to go to therapy. Im suppose to get to 90 degrees this week at PT. The last visit I got to 62 degrees. Im also sitting at home and letting my leg hang and in order for it to get used to being bent. But we will see tomorrow. Good luck to you as well!!

  17. Farrah said

    I am paying by the day on my ice machine. That is why I am giving it back. I wish insurance would just accept stuff!!! Even making it part of a deductible is better than nothing!! So today is ending up being a pretty painful day. It has been incredibly achy out of nowhere! Does that happen to you? I just can’t get comfy no matter what. The pain just won’t go away. So I finally gave in and took a percocet. It is earlier than I wanted to take it, but I don’t care at this point. I just don’t want to feel the pain!! I am almost afraid of PT now! Hopefully it will get better tomorrow!

  18. Wow… your accounts of what the days post-op would be are incredibly helpful. This the kind of information that is really useful, but you never get from the doctors.
    It sounds like the three of us have a similar underlying problem that’s leading to the FO. Sports and a problem we were born with. Dawn, I haven’t had the surgery yet; my OS recommends it, but isn’t pushing it at the moment. I figure I’ve got a handful of years left. Hopefully I’ll at least see my 30th birthday before needing it. I’ve given up a couple sports due to it, trying to save my remaining cartilage.
    As for ice, I really like the reusable gel packs for icing my knee when it swells up. You can use the ones for your lunch bag, but they are solid and don’t wrap around your leg very well. Sports stores and drugstores sell reusable gel packs that work quite well.

  19. Farrah said


    I am glad our posts are helpful! I did get some of the info from my doctor as far as where my pain would be. It wasn’t as bad as he said it would be during the first few days. I am PO morning 6 and am feeling horrible!! I was in much pain off and on yesterday and hoped it would feel better today, but I was way wrong! I have been in tears off and on from yesterday evening through this morning. I am back to 2 percocet!! UGH!! It is better than feeling pain. The pain is right where my bone was moved over and screwed back in. I couldn’t sleep last night. I hope I am not pushing myself too hard. I have been trying to get out of the house once a day. Just little trips in the car and to a pharmacy or something to run an errand. I don’t know if that would make me hurt like this. I am just going to take it easy for the next few days. I am still early in Post Op. I am using the CPM machine like I am suppose to and doing my therapy exercises. Last night I actually did 10deg less on my CPM so it wouldn’t hurt so much. My therapist did say that if using the CPM for however long at whatever angle causes a lot of discomfort and swelling, then to let him know and I may have to cut back. I am scheduled for 65 degrees today and am scared!!! I am just going to take it easy. I figured a smaller angle is better than not doing it at all! Sorry to have bad news!! Dawn, have you had this type of pain at PO6? In the same location? quirksalight, I am glad I had my surgery at 25 so that I would be in my best shape I could be in. I am an athlete as well, so I am pretty flexible and tough for this kind of stuff. It still sucks! My knees have been so bad for 6 years and was getting so bad that I couldn’t do stairs at all or do a lot of normal things…especially coach gymnastics. I have been limping for about 6 or 7 months now. Just walking was hurting. SO I am so glad I made this decision despite the pain I am in now. I just can’t wait to get back to having a healthy knee. I am not looking forward to doing the other one though! Anyway, have a good one…sorry I am so negative today!

  20. Dawn said

    Hey ladies thanks for all of your useful information. Farrah, Im worried that you may be putting too much stress on your knee. I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow (tuesday) and was able to get to 71 degrees at PT today. Its alarming to hear you say that you are doing almost the same thing as me and you are three weeks behind me. I did experience pain across the knee cap when I was in the CPM machine. I lowered the degree but even then I still had sharpe pains. So I decided to take some time, like 2 days, and just chill out. You will know when your doing too much…and in my opinion I believe you are. I didn’t do half of things you did 6 days PO. All I did was the CPM machine and ice. My OS made sure that was all I did. Maybe thats why I never really experienced any real pain after my surgery because for the first 2 weeks, all I did was rest, ice, and use the machine.

    Well as for me, Im 32 and the last straw for me was when I played basketball for a women’s team and when I got home it hurt like hell to walk up them. I actually had to crawl up. I already had issues with stairs but that day was exceptionally hard. So I went to the OS and he recommended some things. I took some time to think about it all and decided that I was tired of hurting. My OS recommends that I have the same thing done to the other but lets discuss that when Im not so hating my decision with this leg. LOL

    Don’t push yourself too much. Take your time.

  21. Farrah said

    Dawn: Thanks for the caring. I am doing exactly what was recommended to me by my OS and my PT as far as using the CPM machine. I actually did end up getting up to 65deg today after taking the 2 percocet this morning. It wasn’t too bad. I started really low and worked my way up. I will talk to my PT about it when I go see him in a few minutes. I may be doing too much. Maybe some doctors really try to get you to jump in to getting better no matter what it takes. I trust my doctor as the head physician of the Falcons and Thrashers. I still have a long way to go b/c even at 6 days PO I can’t use my muscles to lift my leg. I can somewhat tighten it up and push my knee cap down while my leg is straight, but it does hurt some. Anyway, I just took 1 more percocet since the pain began to come back earlier. I didn’t want therapy to bother me too much! Well have a good day…today ended up being better than last night and this morning. Of course the pain meds had something to do with it. I ended up finding a forum for knees with people that have had the same surgery as me and some of them said they went through exactly the same things. So I feel okay about everything. Thanks!!!

  22. Farrah said

    I meant to post this last night…

    Okay, so it is the end of PO6! It ended way better than it began! My PT worked on my ROM and I got up to 75!!!! It hurt my muscles more than my knee!! He said I am doing really well and to just keep taking the pain meds as much as I feel I need to. He said it is better to be pain free than to be suffering to be tough!! I agreed!! I was actually able to do a straight leg raise today with no assistance!! I was so happy!!!!!! My PT was about the same today as it was my first time last Thursday. So it was pretty simple…just a little painful. He told me to keep working on my CPM machine as much as I can and if I have to I can decrease the angle if it is bothersome. So I am thrilled with my progress and hope it continues like this! The pain I have been going through is worth it once I make progress!!! Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well!

  23. Farrah said

    So it is the morning of PO7! I can’t believe it has already been a week!! I was pretty uncomfortable last night…I imagine it was from PT. He pushed my ROM pretty good. That’s the only thing I can think would make me sore. So I wasn’t able to really sleep last night. I did take a percocet last night and still woke up every 2 hrs or so with much discomfort. I am still the same this morning. It isn’t a real pain, just a lot of stiffness and aching. It’s kind of weird. It’s like my knee is begging me to use it. So I have hooked myself up to electrotherapy until I feel like using the CPM in a little while. I am suppose to get to 70 degrees today! I think it could happen. I also bought a new ice pack from PT last night that is sooooo awesome! It fits just perfectly with a perfect weight to form to my knee. It is 11″ x 14″ and couldn’t be more perfect. So this morning I iced with it and it felt so good. Unfortunately it only stays cold for about 30 minutes which means I need to keep getting up and down to change the ice pack. I put it over my compression wrap, so it just keeps my knee feeling cold like the cryotherapy did.

    I am just thrilled with my progress!!!! I still can’t really move my leg as I want, but I will keep trying. I don’t think I will be going to work this week like I wanted to. I don’t want to push myself with anything except PT! At first I thought my OS was crazy saying that I would be back into sports in 3-4 months! Now I think he may be right! I love my doctor!!!!! I am sure he is the reason I am where I am.

  24. Farrah said

    Hello People…a little boring today. I haven’t been in much pain today. My knee just feels like it needs to be used!! The CPM is getting so boring. I got up to 80degrees today in it!! That is 5 deg more than my PT was able to get me to last night. It doesn’t even hurt when I do it. I know I have a long way to go, but I am tired of sitting around!!! I can’t get comfy b/c my muscles begin to hurt in my bad leg once I get to a spot that makes my knee feel good. Is this all normal?? I am hating it. Anyway, I am still happy with my progress. I am ready to go to my OS on Friday and see what I can start doing next! I can’t wait to get my stitches all out! I have a feeling my ROM will get even better after that. Anyway, it is the end of PO7, and I am winding down the day….I will post again tomorrow morning!!


  25. Dawn said

    Congrats on all that you have accomplished thus far. I thought getting the stitches out was going to be a horrible experience but it wasn’t too bad. My OS’s nurse did a good job taking them out and taking the stips off and placing new ones on. It burns a little but it wasn’t too bad. I also have my OS appointment on Friday and Im hoping for good news. I would like to be told that I can put partial weight down with the brace on so that I can drive (mainly) and just be more mobile around the house. I have PT tomorrow afternoon. He has given me great exercises to use at home, I think I have about 7-8 different exercises. I really like the wall slides and just being able to sit in a chair and get my own range of motion going. Good luck Friday and look forward to your report.

  26. Farrah said

    Thanks Dawn, I am not too worried about getting the stitches out. I have taken my own stitches out before when I cut my hand pretty well. It didn’t hurt at all. I am sure this will be different. I was told that I would be able to drive by next week!! I can’t wait!! I am tired of not going anywhere. It is seriously driving me crazy!! Oh well. I have PT tomorrow at 7am, we are suppose to get sleet and maybe snow overnight tonight. I live in GA, so that means the city may shut down 🙂 Haha!! Hopefully not. Every apt counts for me. I want to just make sure I am always progressing. Good luck with your appointment on Friday! We’ll keep each other posted.

    It is PO8 for me now! I have not taken a percocet since yesterday around 9am! So I am doing well with pain. The most discomfort is when my knee wants to be used. So I have been working with it. I have been doing a lot of my own ROM outside of just the CPM machine. I am doing well with that. Last night it was difficult to sleep b/c I didn’t want to stay on my back. So I kept the pillows stacked up and slept on my side a little bit with my leg up. I still couldn’t get comfortable long enough to sleep past 3:30am! Everything else is going great though! Have a good one!

  27. Ladies, congrats to both of you on the pain and PT! It sounds like y’all are both bouncing back from the surgery very quickly. That so heartening to hear; some of the older comments on FO I had read online were discussing long recovery times. Farrah, have you tried using one of the body pillows to rest your knee on while you’re sleeping on your side? Dawn, the wall slides were part of my PT, and I still do them in part of my OS’s initial conservative treatment. Does your PT also add in abdominal exercises?

    Reading on both of your conditions prior to surgery, it seems that y’all were in a lot more chronic pain then I am currently. I do a lot of biking, and it doesn’t seem to affect my knee, as long as I make sure to ice it, take my NSAID, and avoid mountain biking. 😦 And since did PT and added orthotics, the knee pain has gone down substantially. Maybe I can put the FO for a while.

  28. Farrah said


    I am very happy that your knee is getting better!! I tried orthotics at one point. It helped a little, but not enough to call it better. I always did ice and I will be taking NSAIDs for my bad back forever as well as the pain medicine called Ultram ER. The pain medicine always helped my knees just a little, but it still killed on stairs and such. I just hope your knee continues to improve and you keep up with your treatment to keep it that way. This surgery wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it is still driving me crazy to not be very mobile and stuff. The PT is hard work too. I am still very happy for you!!

    So it is PO day 9! I have been just great!! I am completely off the percocet as of 48 hours ago! I have gotten myself back on my normal back medication: Ultram ER. I normally take Indocin as my NSAID, but b/c of blood thinning I am waiting to get my stitches out first. The only problems have been still a lot of swelling, still not sleeping well, and my knee wants to be used. I have been sitting on the couch with my knee fairly relaxed…in other words bent! I keep it straight and bent throughout the day. I go back and forth to get comfortable. I still walk around with my immobilizer and two crutches. Yesterday when I got into the shower (my husband helped), my knee was so wobbly without any support. It was scary. I still am having issues with the muscles, but when I sit, I can move it any way I want to now. I can get on and off the couch with hardly any problems!! I can also bend and straighten it myself without forcing it. I hope I am suppose to be able to do all this this early! Since I am not forcing it, I believe it should be okay, but I guess I will find that out at my OS apt tomorrow. I am hoping I am just doing really well.

  29. Farrah said

    I just got back from therapy and made 95deg ROM on my own!!! No assistance!!!!

  30. Farrah said

    Dawn, good luck with your OS appointment today!! I can’t wait for mine!! I am ready to move on and do more things/exercises! Have a good one!


  31. Farrah said

    I just got back from my first Post Op Dr appointment! It went sooooooo well. I am out of my immobilizer brace and into a regular (huge) brace where I can actually bend my knee!! He is very happy with my progress so far and says I am ahead of schedule and may be back into sports in only 6 weeks or so!!! I hope I continue to make this much progress!! I am still on crutches for another 3-4 weeks. Oh well….at least I can do it at my own discretion…weight bearing as tolerated!!! I am happy!! I don’t really have too many limitations now and just need to respond appropriately when my knee hurts. They made me keep my immobilizer in case I have any problems between now and when I am 100% better. While at the drs office, I saw 7 different people…3 doctors and 4 technician people. I couldn’t believe how I was treated! The stitches didn’t hurt getting them out. My x-rays looked good. My knee cap was exactly where it should be! It was an amazing difference from last time. My new brace is awesome since I can move now when I walk and start more weight bearing and using my muscles to do it. I hope your appointment went well, Dawn!!

  32. Dawn said

    Well my appointment went really well today!!! He was very impressed with what I can do and the fact that I never had any pain in the knee. He adjusted my knee brace so that I can bend my knee at 50 degrees when Im up and walking around. I don’t have to wear it to bed anymore!!!! That was the best news lol. My X-Rays look really good and seem to be healing really well. I only have to stay NWB for another week and a half or so then its time to start progressing toward full WB. Within another 4 weeks, the crutches will be a thing of the past. He explained the progression and that I will work with my PT to gradually increase my WB activities. I can go to work on Tues. which is great since its a four day work week. I just need to be careful when Im dealing with kids that they don’t try to hurt me lol. Congrats on having a good PO appt. today.

  33. Farrah said

    We both had great days yesterday! I love my new knee brace! It is one of those lockable ones, but for now it is on full range. My therapist might change that once I actually start more weight bearing. My doctor has put all of that in my hands now! So according to him, when I go back in 4 weeks, I should be without crutches! Maybe not without brace. I am just so excited about my progress. I thought this would be a 4-6 months injury, but it sounds like it may only be a 2-3 month one! I am trying some weight bearing with crutches, but my knee is so wobbly! It feels so weird. Even with the brace it is hard. It doesn’t hurt too badly though. Sometimes it hurts in the shin and sometimes in the osteotomy site. So I guess once I get my muscles to function right, then I will be good to go. Today is PO day 11 and I am at 100 degrees on my CPM machine. So I am hoping to send that machine away!! I have only been doing it for 3-4 hrs a day instead of 6 hours like my therapist wanted. He said he wasn’t worried about it since my ROM is still so good. I love it! This has been so much easier than I thought it would be. It sounds like you and I will be weight bearing at the same time! Good luck with it!! Have you been doing therapy already? Have a good one!

  34. Dawn said

    Congrats on your range of motion. I feel like my ROM should be better by now but both my OS and PT feel that Im doing great. So Im pushing myself at home a little more now. They both told me that since I had the FO, the patella ligament reconstruction, the Oats procedure, and the scope all at once that it will take me a little while longer to get the range of motion. I feel most of my tightness where the ligament was reconstructed so im pushing myself at home to get it going. Other than that they were pleased. And I can tell within a few months that the scars will be barely noticable. You sound like you have the same brace as I have had the whole time. I will start to weight bare in about a week or so and then be without the crutches about two weeks, three at the most, then walking without within 4 weeks. Be careful with the brace since you have had a couple of falls. My OS locked mine at 50 degrees so if I do have a fall (knock on wood) the brace would be able to catch and my knee will not be able to go completely back. The only time I have to wear it now is when I decide to go down the stairs or if Im out and about. But while im at home sitting around, I don’t have to put it on. Oh yeah i have been doing therapy for a few weeks now. My PT works with the Bobcats as well as my OS…so I know im in good hands. Continued success.

  35. Farrah said

    I figured your path to recovery would be different than mine b/c of your other problems that they had to fix. The only other procedure they had to do for was a chondroplasty which isn’t a really big deal. From now on though it sounds like we will be on the same track as far as getting to walk and when. I hope I am walking within 2-3 weeks instead of 4 like he said. It is up to me. I tried to do some weight bearing today with my brace on. It didn’t hurt my knee, but did hurt my osteotomy site afterwards. So I will definitely be taking it easy at the beginning. Your PT works with Texas State Bobcats out of San Marcus? Or another Bobcat? I asked if you were doing therapy b/c on a forum I found, several people with the same surgery didn’t start it until about 4 weeks after surgery. I have noticed a huge difference with my ROM compared to there’s and couldn’t believe it. They are at my ROM at 2-3 mos Pos op! I guess OS docs have different ideas about it. It seems like they are on a longer more difficult road to recovery b/c of it. These people had only the FO like me…nothing really else. So it is weird. I don’t compare myself to them b/c I know that docs are all different. I just noticed the differences. I feel badly for them! Oh well! I am focusing on my recovery and I can’t wait for it!! Congratulations on all of your new accomplishments!! We will be pushing each other over the next few weeks! 🙂 Good luck!

  36. Dawn said

    I did read that most people delay PT for a little while. I delayed it as well and didnt start until day 10. Well actually a little later due to the blood clot incident that landed me in the hospital for two nights. My OS said that due to a risk of fractures, that delaying any type of activity was good. But like you said, everyones different. And my PT works with the Charlotte Bobcats the NBA team here in Charlotte and my OS practice also works with them. I attempted some light bearing today but opted to wait until Im with my PT so that we can really gage what Im suppose to be doing. I know I will push myself if I do it on my own lol. I have PT right now at 3X a week. I have to change my schedule due to being able to go back to work. But it will all work out.

  37. Farrah said

    Yeah, after I tried walking a little bit today, I decided to hold off more of it until I talked with the PT! I hope he locks my brace to a certain degree and allows me to walk more. I am afraid with the full range, that my knee will just give out even with the support of the brace. I started PT 2 days after my surgery, but didn’t do any strenuous activity. All I have been doing since then is muscle stimulation stuff and some ROM. So it is pretty much stuff I have been doing at home except with out the muscle stim. Nothing weight bearing. Starting next week I get to step it up a notch! I am happy! I also start work on Monday (architect and gymnastics coach). My PT schedule will still be the same since I was already working around my husband’s work schedule. I love when I go! I go either at 7am or 6pm. So there are hardly ever any other patients there. I hate when they all ask me what kind of surgery I had and stuff! Doesn’t that drive you crazy? I am tired of explaining my injury! I think my PT is tired of telling the patients who ask too. It is no “normal” knee surgery. As he said, “this is no ACL surgery.” I thought that was funny! Kind of off subject…there is a guy at my office who just had ACL/Meniscus surgery a few months ago. He was only out of work for 1 week and no driving for about 2 weeks. When he started work again, he was hardly using crutches and was pretty much walking by the end of the 2nd PO week! So since then, I have compared my injury to his as his being worse…until now! Since my doc told me to take off work 2 weeks, this guy at work has been teasing me that he was only off for 1 wk….he did this in a staff meeting once before my surgery!!! UGH! It made me look like I just wanted to miss work. So then I figured out a way to bring it up with my PT to see what he thought was a tougher surgery, and he said hands down that the FO was! So I kind of laughed and am now going to rub it in this guys face! People outside the medical world, just don’t understand this surgery and think it is no big deal. I guess b/c usually it doesn’t come from a fall or anything! Anyway, I can’t wait to get back to work and tell this guy my story!!!! 🙂 “it is no ACL/Meniscus surgery” 🙂 Haha!! Anyway, good luck again!

    Oh…not looking forward to telling everyone else my story on Monday! I wish people would leave me alone for a day, then come and talk to me about it!! Or at least spread it out through a week of questions! Or better yet, just say, “hello, we are happy you are back.” Okay, end of my venting! Sorry!


  38. Farrah said

    It’s PO day 13! I am doing well. Today was my first day back to work and it went well. It was kind of a long day, but it went well. My husband dropped me off at 6:30am (usually 8am) and picked me up around 4:15pm to take me to therapy. I was worried about therapy since I was given the okay to add more weight and do more things. It actually went well. My therapist added at first one more exercise where I hold onto a railing and shift my weight back and forth. Then he said that was it…so I complained and said that I was ready to drive…so give me more!! So he gave me another exercise where I sat in a little rolly stool and had to pull myself across the room using my legs. I couldn’t go forwards at all. It made my knee pop and hurt badly. So he made me try going backwards….I could handle that one better. It took a while, but I made it. Then I was finished for the day…ice and stim! So I got home with just a little more pain in my knee, but I am still going to push it to get stronger. I am already maxed out at 115 degrees on my CPM. My therapist said that if I get to therapy and can push my ROM that far without the machine, then I can get rid of it! I ask every day when I can drive and he keeps saying in a few weeks…so today he finally said 3 weeks! I said no way…1 week!! So tomorrow I am calling my OS to find out a better idea. My PT said that my OS lets him decide, that it will be 3 weeks! My husband will force me to wait by hiding my keys! So I am calling to get a better answer….one I want to hear!

  39. Dawn said

    Well to answer your previous question about do strangers ask me what happend to my knee…well the answer is all the time!!! My mother was actually shocked to see how any people asked me what happend to my knee. And when I just tell them I had preventative surgery…they kinda get this puzzled look on their face. So I have to explain that I had four surgeries at once to prevent my knee from getting any worse. That usually helps.

    Well I am PO 5 1/2 weeks and I will be able to drive on Monday. I am currently at 85 degrees ROM. Need to get to 90 by Friday. With this being my second day back at work, I had a slight set back. Sitting at a desk all day made my knee all the way down to my foot swell up. So while at work I know now that I need to put my leg up most of the day. So tonight I will be sleeping with my leg up to help with the swelling. My PT is working with the swelling in my knee and the tightness of my ligament that was reconstructed. Im going to attempt driving this weekend sometime. I will be clear to not only drive on Monday but put some weight down. Im well on my way to not having crutching within two weeks!! Take your time with things and congrats on getting back to work.

  40. Farrah said

    Hello again Dawn,

    I am so jealous of you being able to drive on Monday! I have already been bearing weight, but still with heavy use of crutches. My knee just wants to completely give out without support or crutches. With the brace it still tries to give out without the crutches. I am getting pretty frustrated and feel like my muscles aren’t getting stronger fast enough! I am doing everything I am suppose to. My ROM hasn’t changed much lately…still 115 degrees on the CPM and only 100 degrees at therapy. My PT is happy with that, but I am not. I have been at 100 degrees for probably a 5 days now. I need to get more! He doesn’t believe that I am at 115 on my CPM. Oh well…what can I do about that…Anyway, last night he pushed me pretty hard. I was screaming during the ROM stretching. He also had me doing some new exercises. They didn’t hurt so much…except the weight shifts! Anyway…still have a long way to go and am starting to realize it! I progressed so much at the beginning, and now it is so slow. I still can’t control my leg. MY SLRs and ABB and ADD exercises are easier, but I still need some quads! He tried to get me to do a step up last night while supporting myself on some parallel bars! I couldn’t even get any of my base foot off the ground. So he said to hold off for a while longer on that one. My calf muscles are getting smaller by the day! I was seriously hoping I’d notice a difference in walking by the end of this week. I just feel like I am in the exact same spot! Last night I couldn’t sleep b/c of pain! Today I am hardly bearing any weight at all b/c of it! Anyway, hopefully I will feel better about all of this next week. I am leaving for a 2 night trip tonight for a gymnastics meet….6 hrs of riding tonight, followed by 12 hrs standing coaching on Friday, then another 6 hrs riding the next day. My Therapist was worried about me standing for 12 hrs on Friday! I will be in for it when I return! That’s it for now!

  41. Dawn said

    I drove my car yesterday afternoon. It felt so good to be back behind the wheel (and i hate driving lol). I am up to 85 degrees ROM. I felt so bad about not getting to 90 that I almost cried in therapy. But Im gonna get it on Monday hopefully. I just need to do some major bending this weekend.

    I hope your gymnastics meet went well. I used to coach gymnastics a few years back. I did mainly level 4 and 5’s. I miss it. But I know that its tough being on your crutches for such a long period of time. And being that the floor is usually uneven because of all the mats. I hope you all did well and make sure you put that leg up since you have been on it all weekend. Oh yeah, I start to bare weight on monday so we shall see how that goes.

  42. Farrah said

    Congrats on driving!! Guess what!! When I got back from my long drive from the meet, I decided I wanted to drive!! So without a blessing from my husband, I jumped in the car and adjusted the seat and practiced without going anywhere. I pretended to go from pedal to pedal and then do an emergency break. It hurt my knee, but my strength allowed it. The hardest part was getting in and out of the car!!! So I turned the car on, and drove around the neighborhood and on one busy street and back. I put the seat up as close as possible to not require the motion of bending and straightening. I had it bent the entire time and used what muscles I have to control it. I did it!!!! It felt sooooooo great!! My therapist is going to be pissed, but my doctor said that I could do it when I felt that I could! So I am going to drive a little to places I need to go tomorrow, then see how I feel tomorrow night. I will probably rely on people on Monday until I see my therapist that night. I will see what he says and hopefully drive myself everywhere from there! I am so happy!

    So the meet went well. The hardest part was walking around the resort going to a from the gym and my room. My muscles were so sore this morning from using the crutches. I had my brace on the entire time for support. I did okay except that during my 2nd session warm ups it started hurting really badly. So I took a couple of tylenol on top of the Ultram ER I already had. I started feeling better and continued with the meet. I still can’t control some muscles, so occassionally my knee gave out forwards or hyperextended if I put too much weight down. So I had to keep the brace on otherwise it would have been even worse. Every time my knee gives out, it kills. At this fancy dinner we went to last night, I had my leg up on a chair while my friend went to the bathroom. When she got back, she didn’t see my foot on it, so she pulled the chair out and my foot fell down so fast that it killed my knee since I can’t control the muscles to slow it down!!! The parents sitting around me were freaking out. I ended up being okay of course, but it was painful for several minutes. Things like that happened throughout the weekend. Generally it was sooooo fun! The Prep Opt #2 team got 2nd place, but still didn’t do very well…lots of falls on beam: full turns, cartwheels, etc. The Prep Opt #1 team got 3rd place among more competition. They did sooooo great compared to the #2 team! They had less falls on beam and great routines everywhere else. We had several 9.0 scores in that session! It was awesome. I did get to sit down more in the 2nd session since it was a traditional style meet. The first one was a modified capital cup…so there was a lot more moving around. It was all fun though. The beach was beautiful, but freezing cold. So we didn’t go there at all. We mainly stayed in the hotel the entire time…it was a huge resort, so it was big. Anyway, I will keep you posted on my future driving endeavors!

  43. Dawn said

    Ok well came back from PT and i finally got to 92 degrees!!! Im sooo happy about that. I never thought i would get past 90 degrees. I was also able to finally put weight down on my leg (partial anyway). But hopefully within 2 weeks it will be full weight baring. wish me luck

  44. Farrah said

    Dawn, Congratulations!!! Good luck with all of that!!! I realized today that I am not ready for full weight bearing…

    So today is PO day 20 and probably the worst painful day since my my first week PO. It is all my fault though. I drove a lot yesterday and also walked without crutches today a very little bit. So today I was in lots of pain this morning through the rest of the day. I restricted my weight bearing big time through the rest of the day once the pain started. I had PT this evening and told him everything that I did. First what happened was that I walked into therapy by myself carrying a bunch of stuff. He was looking around with a bad look on his face…then I said, “don’t worry, my sister dropped me off.” Then he blew a sigh of relief. It amazes me how much he really cares. Then I told him, but I have been driving! He shook his head and was pretty pissed. Then I told him that I also walked this morning and was definitely paying for it all. He was pretty mad at me for all of it. I told him that I would stop if he told me that doing all of that would hold back my recovery. He said of course it would b/c it hurts. So I told him that I would stop. I was pretty upset about it. I was hoping that it wouldn’t really affect me that much. So throughout PT today all my exercises hurt very much. He then took me through the doctor’s protocol and is making me stick to it 100%! I am worried though b/c my OS said that I could be off crutches at 5-6 weeks. My next apt with him is at 6 weeks and I don’t want to still be on crutches, but the protocol says at least one crutch up to 8 weeks. Oh well. My PT is just following protocol. I don’t want my OS to think I am holding myself back if I am still on crutches when I go see him.

    My PT did push my ROM to 116 today!! So he said that I can get rid of my CPM if I can get to 116 on Wednesday also! So I was pretty excited about that. I told him I wasn’t happy with my progress, but he said I am doing great.

    I then told him about some of my concerns that I have accumulated over the last few days. One concern was that my knee has been popping if I am sitting and extend it out. It may not always pop, but there is a severe #10 scale pain once I extend to a certain point. It also happens if I stand from a sitting position and put just a little weight on my surgery leg. I told him I don’t know if I am even suppose to be doing that, and he said that he just hopes that it is the swelling that is causing it. I said I hope to God that is what it is! Some of the pain I have had in the last few days resembles too much of my pre op pain! It is around the edges/sides of my knee cap. The popping is also in the same place and during the same motion as it was before as well….it just isn’t as much of a grind…just a pop or a catch. If it feels like it is a catch, then I bend it again and try again and it will just hurt instead of pop. The other concerns I had were the swelling and the muscle weakness. I told him whenever I try to put more weight on my leg even with crutches on that it gives out all the time. He said that it happens when your muscles are trying to protect the knee. He said that when you are doing something you shouldn’t be, the muscles just turn off to warn you that you shouldn’t be doing that and it gets you to stop. I guess it makes sense, but I don’t like it. He said that, yes my muscle are weak, but not weak enough to make my knee give out all the time. He also said that the swelling should go down over the next few weeks. It hasn’t changed much since week 2. As you can see I am frustrated and kind of depressed. My PT did say that I was the most motivated person he has ever had. That made me feel a little better. It definitely shows that I am serious about getting better. So when it was time to leave PT today, he came up to me as I was putting my brace back on and told me to take it easy and take percocet tonight. So I am. I shouldn’t have to be told that, but I guess sometimes you just have to hear it. After all the pain I have been in today, I am surprised I didn’t cry at therapy. It also makes me want to listen better!!! So I am….that’s it for now! I know I am doing well compared to many of ya’ll for being 3 weeks PO, but I am still not happy. I didn’t realize it would actually take this long.


  45. Farrah said

    Hello guys! I haven’t posted in a couple days I guess. I am 22 days PO and doing horribly bad! I have over done it over the last few days I guess. I was in tons of pain on Monday and it hasn’t really gone away since then. It has kind of come and gone at different degrees of pain, but for the most part it is still around. I am 100% certain now that 1/2 the pain I am having is in the exact place as before my surgery. My PT said to not think too much of it yet since it is still very early. I just can’t help but think about it. Anyway, I get to get rid of my CPM machine as of today since I got to 117 degrees ROM with my PT. So that is about the only good thing I have to say right about now. Hopefully things will turn up quickly for me…still no driving and still on crutches for at least 2.5 more weeks 😦 Well at least 1 crutch for 2 of those weeks. I don’t think I will be ready. On top of that my PT will be out of town next week, so I am worried that the other PT will not push me the way I need to be on certain exercises. Next week will mark 4 weeks and new exercises, more weight bearing, and possibly no brace. So next week is a big week that my PT will not be around for. Two exercises that I am deathly afraid to start next week are leg presses and small squats!!! My PT has agreed that my progress has slowed down even though my ROM is excellent. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well!


  46. Farrah said

    Dawn and quirksalight,

    How are you guys doing?? I am 24 days PO and have had a rough week. I have a feeling that the pain problems may have subsided. I have been on tylenol every 4 hrs until last night. I am feeling okay so far. We’ll see hwo the day goes. My CPM is GONE!!! Good riddens! 🙂 I just figured I’d say hello.


  47. Dawn said

    Well Im 6 and 1/2 days PO and Im doing quite well. I just left PT today and Im at 100 degrees ROM. I am able in a few days to walk with one crutch. I actually got all the way around on the bike today, although I was quite high on the seat. I was very happy that I was able to continue getting around both forwards and backwards. My PT suggested that I make sure I go to the gym both Sat. and Sun and continue riding the bike there.

    I work with two PTs at my job. They gave me an idea for a homemade ice pack. Put in 3 cups of water with one cup of rubbing alcohol and put it in the freezer. The alcohol doesnt allow the water to totally freeze. It was good to have in the middle of the day when your knee craves some ice. Just a thought to pass on.

    Good luck and don’t push it too hard.

  48. Farrah said

    Congratulations on the progress at PT!! That sounds sooooo exciting! My progress has slowed considerably. My PT agrees. My ROM is still good at 117 degrees, but my muscles are struggling some. I am also still having severe pain over my tendon like it used to do before surgery. It is horrible. I can’t extend my leg at all without a #8-10 scale pain level during one part of going up and going down. It also tends to pop like always. I am also having some pain around my knee cap like always. The pain on my screw site has subsided for today! My knee has just been achy for the last 1.5 days since I have been feeling a little better and putting a little more weight down again. My knee still gives out when I try steps without crutches with or without my brace on. I have been on my feet a lot this week since it was my first full week of regular architecture and gymnastics work hours. I coach 3 nights a week normally after working a 8.5 hr work day. I don’t know how I am going to start on one crutch next week…or do any leg presses or squats!!! Those are my protocol goals for next week…yeah right!!! Do you think it is okay to ask if I can stay on two crutches? I am also still afraid to drive again since the pain was so bad afterwards last time. The pain is the part that resembles old pain, but way worse. It was that #8-10 pain level while driving. Anyway, I am just glad that I feel better today. For now that is all I can ask for!! Congrats again, Dawn, on your accomplishments! I can’t wait to ride a bike!!!!

  49. Dawn said

    Wow!!! I didnt realize how far things have set you back. And no, I don’t think it would be wrong of you to ask to stay on two crutches. You are still early in your recovery. I was still NWB when I was at your stage of recovery. I did a lot of research before I had the surgery and protocol suggested NWB for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Not sure if your doctor rushed it or not. I just chalked it up to you being younger than me and having a better and faster recovery. And I know how hard it is to work a full day and then coach gymnastics afterwards. I coached level 4 & 5 and some Prep Op. Im sure your not doing much spotting, but you also have to have a level of pep to get through the night. Good luck with that.

    I am now down to one crutch. I spent most of yesterday on just one and felt good. I even took about 3-4 steps without a crutch and just the brace and did really well. No pain!!! But I immediately went back to the one brace, I didn’t want to overdo it, but it was awesome. Im going to the gym today to get back on the bike and do some therapy. I hope your pain lessens and your back to your old self. Take your time.

  50. Dawn said

    oh yeah Im at about 100 degrees ROM, pushing for 105 on Monday. Next week I should be walking without any crutches.

  51. Farrah said

    I am very jealous of you, but I know you are ahead of me anyway. My screw site pain has gone away completely. I haven’t had it since Thursday. I still have my normal surgery pain, pain over the tendon during certain movements, pain under my knee cap during weight shifts, and the knee cap pain during my exercises. None of those are constant though…so that is good. The only constant problem is achiness and soreness from using it so much. I have made a lot of progress since my last post. I have been walking more at 100% weight bearing without crutches. I have a huge limp during it, but it hasn’t hurt much afterwards. It is just achy. I do much better with the brace on. My knee hasn’t been giving out with it too much…just without. Around the house I have been walking more now. I now think I may be able to get to one crutch next week. I don’t have enough confidence to walk without crutches outside of my home yet. I am not really walking anyway…just a huge limp. I also tried driving again! It still hurt, but not as badly. I drove myself to work this morning (I am there now). It hurt mainly over the tendon during any extension to get to the pedals. I will drive myself back home and that will be the extent of my driving for probably another week. I will find out later tonight or tomorrow if it was a big mistake. I still can’t extend my leg without a #9/10 pain over my tendon. I am managing though…it is just pretty depressing that I am having my pre surgery pain all over again. I am just going to keep going with my surgery recovery and see if it is all just a fluke or from swelling. I can’t wait to get to where you are…do you have any pain during any type of extension? Have you done leg presses? I am still deathly afraid of therapy tomorrow if they are adding leg presses and squats!!!! I can barely stand with my leg bent then straighten it while standing. I feel like I need to be able to do that before doing leg presses and squats!! Anyway, I will keep you posted on how it goes.


  52. Dawn said

    Well I just came back from the gym and am icing right now. I don’t have any pain doing anything in particular. I do leg presses at PT. But that involves me laying down on my back and pushing with feet back and forth with some resistance. I do seated hamstring curls with little weight. But I havent had to take any meds since my second week after my surgery. I did the bike for 20 minutes today going both forward and backwards. You should be able to do the bike since your ROM is greater than mine. I just have to have the seat raised quite a bit in order to get around. My doctor was worried that my extention would be a problem after the surgery. He made sure that I understood that was one of the main problems after having the osteotomy. Well it seems like your doing better as far a pain and managing it. Maybe you should try and stay off of it as much as you can even around the house. If I don’t have to be on it, I have it propped up or something. Hope PT goes well tomorrow.

  53. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I am feeling so great. Just the normal pain with exercises, wrong steps, or when my knee gives out. I have almost only been walking without crutches around my house now. I got home okay from my drive to work yesterday. I was serious about not driving for the rest of the week. I thought for sure walking more and driving yesterday would be a problem, but so far at 7:00am Monday (at work already) I am feeling fine. Usually when I say that it creeps up on me later. I am crossing my fingers it will not…I have my tylenol just in case. I am trying to work on walking with one crutch this morning around my office, but my knee kept giving out even with my brace on. Maybe that is a sign that I need to take it easy today 🙂 I am just so happy that I feel like I am progressing with mobility at least…maybe not strength!! Have a great day!


  54. Dawn said

    Well hello again. Glad to hear that your doing better. Well I had PT today and got up to 105 degrees ROM. I came in with only one crutch today and he said that was fine since I wasnt having any pain. He suggested that I continue for the week using the one crutch then next week I can go full weight baring. Im excited. I report back to my OS on next friday so Im sure that I will be walking “normal” by then. Since I have come back from PT i have been walking without any crutches just to get some practice. But outside the house I will use my crutch and knee brace. I will keep you posted.

  55. Farrah said

    Hey Dawn, I had PT today too and got up to 122 degrees ROM!! I am still on my two crutches this week with my brace on. I thought I was going to have to progress in PT this week with more exercises, but I guess not. I still kept up the usual SLRs, Leg extensions, weight shifts, and this thing with a theraband. I had the sub PT today, so maybe it was just for today. I am still feeling pretty good. My exercises just hurt soooo badly. Today I tried an exercise that I did a few weeks ago. I struggled then, and couldn’t even do it once today. UGH! Oh well. Good luck on your weight bearing!!


  56. Dawn said

    Im going to PT for the first time in the morning tomorrow. Well its good that your doing somethings without pain, but sorry that your still feeling pain at other times. I will have a sub PT next week, but he has seen me and what I can do so it should be an easy transition. I have been walking around the office building without my crutch and brace today. It feels good. Of course Im not moving that fast and I have a slight limp but Im doing good. No pain. Today after work I will head to the gym and do some bike work and stretching and then get into the pool and do some walking. My only frustration is my ROM which is up to 105 degrees since Monday and my swelling. It hasn’t gone down much in my opinion but my PT says that it has. I think that is why my ROM only progresses at about 5 degrees each time. But I will work on that. You keep working but take your time.

  57. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn. I have been making some progress. I am now officially allowed to use 1 crutch, but with the brace on. My PT said if it hurts at all then I need to use both crutches again. He really doesn’t want me to walk without crutches. He said every time my knee gives out, it is a set back. He also still doesn’t want me to drive still for another week!! I ended up in tears at therapy b/c of some of the pain he put me through during new and old exercises. It was such a sharp sharp pain that I couldn’t breathe when I felt it. I just grit my teeth and allowed the tears to flow. He felt really really badly and allowed me to stop. I did get to try the bike today since my ROM is so good. I could do it, but on the way down with my bad leg, it hurt soooo badly and was popping, but I still kept going. It wasn’t surgery pain. It just felt so good mentally to do it! So I finally asked him about my pain. He said he just doesn’t know why I have it. He also said that you can’t develop muscle through pain. So the pain is holding me back big time. Anyway, that is it for now!


  58. Hello y’all… sorry for the long absence. I’m about to the leave the US for a bit, and it’s T-13 days until departure. 🙂
    I’m finishing another post about my knee, as I got another MRI and last checkup with my OS. Funny thing; my OS still recommending the Fulkerson, but was like, “Well, you’re leaving, so be careful and we’ll try to schedule it after you’re back in the US”. I did get a knee brace with a patellar donut to help the tracking, but it’s incredibly annoying to wear.
    Farrah, is it possible that something may have been strained, and hence the pain? B/c your posts a couple days ago had lower pain levels then today.
    And thank you both for the stream of updates on your surgery and post-op. I feel a lot more knowledgeable for what I’ll be facing in the future.

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  60. Farrah said

    quirksalight : I hope you have a great trip wherever you are going!! Be careful with your knee and keep up with your exercises. So are you going to go ahead with the Fulkerson? I thought your knee was feeling much better? I guess not.

    As far as my pain levels go…my constant pain is low, but my PT exercise pain is soooo high. It has been like this over the last 2-3 weeks. It gets worse every week. It’s frustrating. I don’t know what the deal is and neither does my PT. Anyway, be careful on your trip!


  61. Dawn said

    Well I guess there is good and bad news. Sorry that your still feeling pain but at least your down to one crutch and have the option if needed to use both. As far as myself, I had PT this morning (I will never do a morning again…not a morning person) but it went ok. Got on the bike and my seat height was lowered to 10 notches, which is still pretty high. It hurts but also loosens up my knee pretty good. My ROM was only at about 102 today but my PT said that was good since I worked out a lot the previous night. I did the bike for 20 minutes and got in the pool and walked 20 laps (forward mainly, back and sideways). The sideways motion hurt a little so I backed off of those. It felt really good and the water was a natural stretcher. So when I woke up this morning my knee felt tight (no pain, but tight). My PT said its because I worked it out so much not even 12 hours ago. I will definitly get back in the pool and make that a regular part of my workout. My PT will be away next week so I have sub and he’s already told me that he won’t accept any excuses. I think he will do fine.

    Farrah have a great time on your vaction.

  62. Dawn said

    Oh i forgot the best news. Im crutch free as of this weekend. But the brace will stay on for support only.

  63. Farrah said

    Dawn, I am so happy for you!! I have taken a few steps backwards! I will spare my long explanations. Since my very bad PT visit yesterday, my knee hurt throughout today. I tried 1 crutch with brace for about 2 hrs at work…only when I had to leave my desk. Then was NWB pretty much for the rest of the day with 2 crutches. WHATEVER!!! I am tired of it. I finally got the nerve to call my OS today and guess what…he didn’t call me back!! Maybe I will get a call in the morning. Either way, I am calling him tomorrow again. I need get some pain relief during exercises…whether it is to slow down on my PT, or anything. I wish I could move my OS appointment up. Oh well. So tomorrow I am forced to drive myself to work, then to my gymnastics meet 2hrs from home. I will be staying near there tomorrow night with my mother in law since I have a session tomorrow night and another Saturday morning. Then I will drive myself back on Saturday. It will be tough for me, but I really don’t have a choice. Eventually I will be where you are, Dawn!!


  64. Farrah said

    So today is about 4.5 weeks PO for me. I am still having issues. My meet went well though. My Prep 1s got 1st place! My Prep 2s got 2nd!! I also had several event winners and some all-around winners. It was nice. My knee pain from Wednesday finally calmed down some yesterday. It went off and on through out last night through right now. At the moment I can’t put much weight down. So I am home resting from my long last 2 days. I have a busy day tomorrow, so I will rest for the rest of tonight through early tomorrow morning. Anyway, I hope you are still doing well!! Are you experiencing any pain during walking without crutches?? Even if you try to walk normally? Like with a slightly bent knee during a stride?


  65. Dawn said

    Well I believe that I am almost 8 weeks PO on tuesday. This weekend I put my crutches away and began to walk with just the brace. Well mainly I have been walking with nothing. I haven’t had any pain what so ever. The only pain I get is when Im stretching it but thats suppose to happen. LOL. I see my OS on Friday and I hope he sees a lot of progression. I am able to go up and down stairs without any issues. Which I thought was something that I wouldn’t be able to do for awhile. I finally took the chair out of the bathtub so that I can take a shower standing up. I really wanted to take my time with that. You know I was really upset with my OS making me wait and just sit around for 6 weeks before I even put weight down but I think it has allowed me to have a pretty good recovery. And for awhile I was comparing my recovery to yours but I needed to stop because for one your younger and should recover faster. Also I had a more involved surgery. I still jealous of your ROM and wish mine was better. How is your swelling? Mine to me looks the same as the first time I saw it. I dont believe its gone down.

    Congrats on your girls doing so well at their meet. Rest up!!!

  66. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn,

    That is great that you are walking!! I am at the point now that I can hardly bear any weight without my knee cap hurting. Needless to say I have been on 2 crutches. I am having a lot of problems with pain during certain motions. If I sit on the couch and not move around too much, I am completely fine. It all starts if I move! So I ended up not going in to work yesterday morning. I only watched tennis for about 1.5hrs. I was on the couch most of the day yesterday and was feeling pretty well unless I got up. I have been driving myself everywhere since Friday b/c I no longer have a choice. My seat is all the way up so I can use my ankle to do the pedals. If I have to adjust at all, then it hurts, but I can react perfectly to an emergency stop. So in general, I am not doing very well. My ROM is still great. I have PT tonight so I will post again after that. My 2nd PO OS apt is on Friday too! We can’t compare each other. We did have some different problems even though generally we had a similar surgery. Have a great day!


  67. Dawn said

    Well I had PT yesterday with my regular PT out. He was actually really good. He had me do some of the same things that my regular PT did. My ROM was only at 107, better but I was hoping for 110. He said that my walking was really good and was better than last week. I am to wear the brace for the rest of the week and then after that I should be brace free. He was shocked to know that I am able to go up and down stairs with minimal assistance. My knee does tighten up early in the morning or after sitting too long and those first few steps are laboring but after a minute it goes back to normal (or whatever normal is at this time). I have PT again on Wed. and Thurs. and then my PO on Friday. I hope you are feeling better by Friday.

  68. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn! I am so happy for you being able to walk so well. That is just so great. I am still dealing with the same crap that I posted last time. I have left 2 messages with my OS since Thursday and still haven’t heard back! I left one yesterday too. So I called again today and rescheduled my apt for Thursday at 3pm. I will still be waiting to hear back until then. I told my PT I had been trying to get in touch with my OS and he was happy about that. He said I shouldn’t be experiencing all that I am. So he motivated me to call again this morning. I have PT again tomorrow then OS on Thursday. I hope my OS calls me to allow me to take it easy at PT or just not go one time! Yesterday’s PT wasn’t too bad b/c I made it clear to my PT that everything hurts so much and I can’t handle it. So he took out 5 exercises and added a very gentle leg press at a very very low resistance. It hurt, but he helped me get my mind of the pain by sticking by my side and talking to me about gymnastics. Anyway, I will post again soon.


  69. Farrah said

    So today I called my OS’s office again to complain and figure out what I should do about my pain issues. They said I can either leave another message or just keep waiting. So I at least moved my Friday apt up to the earliest available which is Thursday at 3pm. Meanwhile I just kept waiting for a phone call.

    Well just now I was ready to press the submit button to say that my OS didn’t call me again. Well right before I pressed it around 6:30pm, my OS’s PA called. He told me not to go to PT tomorrow and he called me in a prescription for Darvocet for pain and lunesta for sleeping! I am so happy to possibly get some relief from this. I am so glad that I called in sick to coaching tonight from knee pain! I would have missed my phone call from the PA. I really had a painful day today. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. I will post again after my apt unless anything happens before then. Have a good one!



  70. Farrah said

    I copied the second paragraph from an e-mail I sent earlier.

    That is why the first sentence sounded weird…just now was actually at 6:45 or somewhere in there.

  71. Farrah said

    OS today at 3pm!!

  72. Farrah said

    The short update is:

    X-rays are perfect, starting at my OS’s therapy place on Monday so he
    can keep an eye on me, no more brace, still 2 crutches til I can
    handle 1 or none, more stronger pain meds to get through the pain.

    The detailed update:

    So my appointment went well. I still don’t feel like jumping up and
    down! Smiley I still kind of depressed actually. First thing, once
    I was in their office and settled in my exam room, I had to get up and
    go get x-rays. On my way down the hall my doctor was leaving one room
    not paying any attention to where he was going and ran into me and
    almost knocked me over. It was kind of funny. He made a joke about
    it and that was that. So everything looks great! X-rays are almost
    perfect. I tried to explain my pain during different activities, but
    I felt like they didn’t care. They cared about my progress or lack
    there of, but not about the pain. They wrote me a new prescription
    for another pain med that is stronger than darvocet. The PA gave me a
    new prescription for therapy and I kind of looked at him like are you
    serious? I was thinking…you are going to give this thing to me and
    make me just keep going through this crap? Then I was in tears in
    their office talking about how bad it hurts during therapy and which
    exercises. I pointed to all the parts of my knee that hurt. I then
    asked if this is normal. They said that everybody is different and
    that I am not being a wimp (I asked if I was being a wimp). They told
    me that it is all pain that should be gone at this point PO. They
    just didn’t seem to concerned about it. They were greatly
    disappointed with the progress and told me I am a little bit behind.
    I should be off crutches by now. They pretty much told me that they
    will give me as much pain medication that I need to be able to get
    through my exercises. I understand it all. They are telling me that
    my muscles need to get stronger before they can really understand the
    problem. It could be just that my muscles are so weak that it can’t
    control what my knee cap is doing during exercises. I have severe
    atrophy in my calves and my quads and my doctor was actually very
    surprised how bad it was. He made me walk down the hall with two
    crutches and weight down trying to walk normally. Then he made me
    walk on 1 crutch. I couldn’t do it. He gave me back my crutch and
    said it was okay. I was told to keep walking normally with two
    crutches and take my time getting to 1 crutch. No more brace though.
    SO that’s good even though I like wearing it b/c I feel stronger and
    more in control. My knee still gives out it without it. So the
    solution is now to do therapy at my OS’s facility so they can keep an
    eye on me to see how much things hurt during which exercises. He told
    my PA to go get this particular therapist so he can talk to her while
    I was there. So the OS, the PA, the therapist, and myself were all
    there talking about my pain and my lack of progress and how horrible
    my atrophy was. He said that he will be stopping by my PT
    appointments on Monday evenings to see how I am doing. I feel better
    about that. So some of this is good stuff, but I still hate that they
    won’t tell me straight up about this pain. They don’t want me to feel
    the pain, but they don’t know why I am experiencing it. So I start
    therapy again on Monday at his facility and will continue it for the
    next 4 weeks until my next OS apt on March 13th. Sorry to drown this
    out so much. The more detail I put in, the more I will understand it
    if I go back to read it.


  73. Dawn said

    Farrah Im sorry that your going thru what your going thru. The surgery is enough pain and a struggle for you to have to have even more pain. Hopefully the next visit will be a more pleasant one. Hopefully the new PT will work on some new things that don’t cause too much pain but will still strengthen you.

    As far as myself, I just came back from my OS appointment. He called me his favorite patient. I thought that was sweet. He said that my xrays look excellent and everything is healing just fine. It was an overall great visit. He is very impressed and wished he had some people there to show off his work. He was happy with my progress with my ability to move my knee. He understands that I still have a lot of atrophy and that I still had a lot of swelling. I asked him if it was possible for us to drain it. He said he was thinking the same thing but didnt know if I would be ok with it. I told him that I wanted it a month ago but was told not to ask. So he drained about 30 cc’s of fluid out of my knee. It was really gross looking but he said that it should help with my flexion. I hope so. So right now Im icing it, which is what he told me to do. So all in all a great visit. Oh yeah, no more brace and continue with PT.

  74. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I am happy that your OS apt went great! Ultimately mine did too. I was just frustrated with the pain and not understanding why it’s around. My attitude has changed a lot since Thursday. I am now excited about my new PT and that my OS will be there to observe sometimes. I am on 2 darvocet every 4 hrs b/c I had to work from 8am-3pm, then 4:30-10pm coaching. I am doing well though. The constant pain is pretty much gone, but the sharp pain has gone from 8/9 to 4/5. So that’s good too. This weekend is pretty slow for me so I plan to attempt to not take much darvocet. Tomorrow I start the hydrocodone at night to help with sleep if I need it. If I can manage, I’d like to just take the darvocet or hydrocodone before therapy…otherwise I don’t want to take anything. I will see what I can manage. My ROM has decreased some, but I think it is b/c I haven’t had PT since Monday. Have a great weekend!!


  75. Farrah said

    Dawn, I hope you are still doing well. I have tried to not take any pain meds over the weekend, but it is just easier to take them. I took 2 darvocet at 2:30pm yesterday and a constant pain along with the usual sharp stuff during weight bearing and extensions came about around 8:30. So I tried 2 hydrocodone around 8:30pm and was in so much pain and couldn’t sleep until 4am!! I am feeling better now since I just took 2 darvocet at 10:30am. I think yesterday I over did it by walking around the house without crutches all day yesterday. I could only do it b/c of the pain meds. Once the meds wore off, I was not feel well at all. So that is why I was in so much pain last night. I am going to watch some tennis in a little while if it doesn’t rain today. My mixed doubles team is playing a home match today in my neighborhood. So I will take a short drive up there in about 1.5hrs or so…nap time first 🙂 I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!


  76. Dawn said

    Well my PT was cancelled today. My therapist had sinus surgery and was due back today but was told by his doctor to go home. I will probably go to the gym tomorrow and do some working out/stretching. But let me know how your first day was with your new PT.

  77. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn,

    I came home from PT with a great attitude, so I tried to get some stuff done around the house. I guess I have been depressed b/c it has been a while since I have felt like doing anything around the house. Anyway, PT is AWESOME!! My attitude is sooooooooo great and positive now! So the clinic was soooo crazy busy. She actually squeezed me in with another patient…so the beginning was kind of confusing. First, when I arrived, all the doctors were having a meeting in the clinic. So it was so weird that I walked in and there was my doctor and PA!! This will take some getting used to. So I started on the bike for warm up. WHile on there, Dr. Gillogly saw me and came over and said, “so how is my project doing?” What does that mean exactly? It’s not like I am his first Fulkerson! I guess since I am not quite on track, I am his project. No big deal, but it was pretty cool seeing him during PT. He popped in a few other times to talk with the PTs about different patients. So after the bike, I did lots of stretches. The PT still didn’t get a chance to evaluate me though. After stretching and a couple normal exercises, she finally was done with the other patient. This other guy had some serious serious surgery…don’t know what it was exactly, but he had an incision from top to bottom of his leg. I didn’t even want to ask. He was one of those patients that sits there and complains and talks about his injury 100% of the time he is there. I like to go with the flow and complain during the exercises if something hurts and then ask questions at the beginning or the end…sometimes throughout. I don’t sit there and talk about it the entire time! I don’t want to offend anybody, but that drives me crazy!!! There are other things in life! Anyway, so once she had a chance to work with me 1 on 1, she explained that I have a major problem with total extension and quad weakness. I knew about the muscle weakness, but she taught me everything that my old PT, casey, e-mailed me over the weekend. He was happy to see me today too. ANyway, she took me through some exercises with the wobble board. Some balancing forwards and backwards and some side to side. I also did one where I balancing with the wobble board forwards and backwards while throwing a large ball to her and also catching it. I fell forward on that one, so she said we will work on it next time. She took me to the dreaded leg press machine………I could hardly do it b/c of the pain. She said we will work on it. I told her all about my old PT and how he would respond to my pain problems…instead of changing the exercise, he took it out. So once I was done with the exercises she took me to the exam table and checked my extension and flexion…5 degrees extension and about 125 flexion. I did those heal slide things to stretch into it. After checking the extension, she put my leg in this little contraption that lifted my heal off the table allowing my knee to extend by gravity. It also had a strap that pulled my knee down to get a stretch in extension…once I felt the stretch, I held it for 10 minutes. It was a little painful, but tolerable. I knew it was for the better…still nothing like the sharp pains. She also massaged my IT band…painful too! Not bad though. So ultimately she said none of the exercises should hurt my knee…just strengthen my muscles! So I left there with so much more confidence and a positive attitude!!! I asked her about getting off the crutches, but b/c I can’t step with my leg straight, I can’t walk normally yet. So once I can do that, I should be fine without crutches. She instructed me not to get off of them unless I am walking normally. That could take a few more weeks according to her. Meanwhile, I am still on the darvocet all day and night to get through the sharp and sometimes constant pain. I came home from PT with muscle soreness…not knee pain!!!!!!!! It was so so so so awesome!! I think I might actually have muscle soreness tomorrow!!! It felt great. THe only exercises I have to do at home are calf raises, calf stretches, hamstring stretches, and this exercise where I put my heel on the coffee table and let my knee hang straight. I hate that one, but it’s still nothing like the old pain. She took SLRs out!!!! She said until my muscles get stronger, there is no point in doing them since it pulls my knee cap too much. I am soooooooooo happy now!! Sorry to explain so much, but I feel like this should help anybody that may be having this surgery in the future (like quirksalight). Have a great night!!


  78. Farrah said

    Oh…and I get to the do the underwater treadmill on Wednesday afternoon!!


  79. Dawn said

    Im glad that your spirits are up. Keep up the hard work. I inform you on tomorrow if anything significant goes on at PT tomorrow afternoon.

  80. Farrah said

    How was PT?? Mine was great. Not much pain during any exercises. I did the underwater treadmill today. It was weird to be taught how to walk again. They had to remind me of the technique!! Anyway, it was nice to walk correctly without crutches. I am still on 2 darvocet every 4-6hrs. I keep trying to stop, but the meds help. I can handle another week of the meds. I am taking a vicodin tonight to see if I can finally get some sleep. Anyway, I am still positive about my progress. I hope yours is still going well. I guess our posts are getting boring now that we are starting to get somewhere 🙂


  81. Dawn said

    Well PT today was good. I did a lot more balancing moves. I have uped my leg presses on the “Shuttle.” I still don’t have any pain as of yet. I am still nervous when it comes to bending my knees. Thats more mental than anything. I have decided that I need to up my workout when Im not at PT. My ROM is still an issue for me. Im only at around 111 so im gonna keep stretching it. So how is PT going for you?

  82. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn,

    I am 7 weeks PO today. Pt is going about the same, but I don’t feel like my pain is getting any better. I am still doing the water treadmill…which hurt at today’s PT session. I have been trying 0-1 crutch with some success. I just can’t do it for too long. That’s it for now…still on the 2 darvocet every so often. Talk later!


  83. Dawn said

    Had PT today and it went well. He increased my weight resistance and it hurt some but only for awhile. I did a lot of balance exercise and did pretty well. He wanted me to do some single leg squats which hurt a lot. I can only bend it a little bit. Not my favorite part of PT. For the first time, I did the eliptical (spell wrong) machine. It didn’t hurt too much. I was actually happy that I got in some cardio with no pain. Hopefully in a little while I will be able to tack the treadmill, but im going to take it easy for right now. So how are you doing? I hope your pain has become manageable.

  84. Bill said

    Farrah and Dawn,

    I enjoyed reading your conversation about physical therapy and using electroterapy. I work at VQ OrthoCare and was in an accident; it was great to use the OrthoStim3 unit to block pain from a broken shoulder and leg. I reduced my pain medicine intact right away. I hope your physical therapy continues to help you out; I know it’s tough and sometimes painful. At VQ OrthoCare we are working to help more patients, see our company news.

  85. Bill said

    Correction: I reduced my pain medicine intake right away.

  86. Farrah said

    Hello everyone,

    I used the surgistim3 for my surgery recovery. I am about to send it back tomorrow actually. It is a pain in the but to pack up and then take it to the post office! I just don’t have any time. Anyway, my PT has been okay, but my pain has been horrible. I am using my own TENS from empi that I have had for a while. It works well for my pain. I am still on darvocet during the day and whatever I can handle at night. Last night it was 2 percocet! The night before it was 2 hydrocodone…that didn’t do anything. So we’ll see what tonight is like. I think I might be able to stick with darvocet tonight. The TENS doesn’t help me enough to actually be able to sleep. I haven’t slept through a single night for about 2 months! Well maybe 1-2 nights. That still sucks! Well, I hope everyone else is doing well.


  87. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn,

    So I will be 2 months PO on Tuesday! I can’t believe it has been that long! Sometimes it seems longer than that though. Anyway, so this weekend I decided to stick with vicodin all weekend instead of darvocet to see if I get more relief. It worked. Unfortunately my body doesn’t like it b/c I get really drowsy and itchy. I am sticking with it though b/c I can almost walk fine with that medication versus any other. I have PT tomorrow and hopefully I can walk in there crutchless! We’ll see. That’s great that you got to do the elliptical! I can’t wait for that stuff! I am hoping to get permission to ride a stationary bike next week and possibly stand on a tennis court and hit balls from my ball machine. I’ll keep you posted. Registration for the largest 10k in the world is coming up in 2 weeks! The race isn’t until 4th of july, but I want to try starting in April. I doubt I will get to, but I will be asking next week if I remember. Even if I can’t run, they have walking path that I could do…not my preference, but is better than nothing! I hope you have a great week…I am sure you can tell that my attitude is a little more chipper b/c of the meds!


  88. Farrah said

    **I want to try starting to train for the 10k in april…

  89. Dawn said

    Hello Farrah,

    Well you do sound a lot better about everything that is going on. Im sure its not totally due to the pain meds. Im glad that you are liking your new PT more than before. As for me, Im doing really well. Im doing pretty much the same therapy that I was doing before. I have increased my cardio level some and I was able to lower my seat height on the bike to increase my ROM on it. I have also started doing single leg presses at about 60 lbs. I still continue in the pool doing at least 20 laps. I also added 100 single leg squats in the pool because they hurt like crazy when I have do them in PT. My ROM has increased. Yesterday I got up to 120 degrees, which made my day. ROM has been my biggest challenge, so I was happy to see that number. I go back to my OS on next friday and our goal was to get to 125 degrees by then but Im hoping for 130. How are your scars healing. I went out and bought Mederma. It seems to be helping some. Sorry about the long delay between post, I will keep up from now on. Continue your hard work Farrah.


  90. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, things have changed since my last post. I am frustrated and depressed. The vicodin over the weekend made me so irritable b/c of the itching. My PT session on Monday was horrible. It was a long story, but I ended it in tears. That is when my PT took notice that I am really in serious pain. So she pulled me to the side and examined my knee again and worked out some other issues in my muscles and such. She also taped my knee to see if that would help. Meanwhile, I called my OS’s PA to get a new pain medicine. He called in tramadol for me instead of the hydrocodone or darvocet. I took it last night for the first time it works for the most part. I slept off and on last night, but every time I woke up it was from my knee hurting. Today will be the first day to take it all day, so we’ll see how it goes. I straight up asked the PA why i am having this much pain at 2 months…he said it just comes with the surgery and my muscles are just so weak. He said they weren’t doing a very good job of controlling my pain…I agreed! Anyway, I have PT tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes and how I feel. She wanted to do some muscle stimulation on me at the beginning tomorrow…if she rememebers. Anyway, this whole recovery thing is so difficult!!! I know I am in good hands though!


  91. Dawn said

    Well Im sorry that you havent gotten any better and that the pain has been horrible for you. I have to be honest…I think that your PT/OS pushed you soooo hard in the beginning that now its costing you so much pain. If you take a look back at what I was doing compared to what you were doing at different PO weeks, you were doing way more than I was. I chalked it up to you being younger and able to bounce back more. And the fact that I had so much more going on. But my OS made sure I did nothing for 6 weeks. I didn’t do PT or anything that caused my knee to bend for more than 12 days afterwards. At day 10 you were bending at 95 degrees and WB as tolerated. You may want to see if doing too much at first caused you to have this much pain. I don’t know. Im no OS. Just my opinion. I hope you get this pain managed.

    As for me nothing more has changed. Same PT and work out routine. Still working on my ROM. He said that at around 150 i should have full ROM. Only about 30 more to go lol. Now I need to work on strengthening my leg. Its gotten better and much stronger but still no definition. Gotta get my legs back for the summer. lol.

  92. Farrah said

    Hello again Dawn, the tramadol hasn’t helped me. I spoke with a pharmacist about continuing the hydrocodone despite the itching. He recommended taking claritin to see if that helps. So I have taken 1 claritin and 2 hydrocodone tonight. Last night I didn’t sleep at all, and my pain has been horrible most of the day. I had PT today and she seems like she is starting to get concerned about my pain levels not changing after completing 3 weeks of my new PT. She always asks me questions like if I did something to feel this way or when my OS apt is and such. She says she sees a difference in how much I can tolerate on my exercises now, but all I could think is it is the pain medicine working. If I were to not take any at all, I couldn’t do anything. Anyway, she had me walk on 1 crutch through the clinic today. She made me walk really slowly with small steps. I could do it as long as I did what she said. She wants me to practice it as much as I can when I am not in a hurry to get from one place to the other. Tonight I couldn’t even bear any weight at all…I will try it once pain meds work I guess.

    I want my leg back in the summer too!! Softball starts tomorrow, tennis starts on March 16, the world’s largest 10 k training starts on April 7th or something for July 4th race, and I have a tennis tournament in mid-may. UGH!! Too many things that I can’t do right now! Oh well…I will get there. Have a great weekend if I don’t hear back from you. I have a busy gymnastics weekend ahead of me!!


  93. Farrah said

    Hello! It is Sunday afternoon and I can’t figure out where the day went! With the time change, it is just so weird!! Anyway, I am still in lots of pain. I have been on hydrocodone every 4 hrs for several days now. The gymnastics weekend went okay…it was painfully tough, but I got through it. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. I have PT tomorrow evening, so I will post again after that. Have a good Sunday!


  94. Dawn said

    Hello! Its Tuesday morning and I just wanted to put up a short post about my PT yesterday. This is week 12 since my surgery. My swelling is still significant but the doctor said that its mostly soft tissue. Im thinking about getting it drained again on Friday when I see him. It wasnt too bad but the needle is huge and quite intimidating. But I made it and am thinking about doing it again. My ROM is about 123 degrees, Im still working towards 150. My PT is a bit upset with me since I have huge apprehensions about bending my knee. I didn’t like bending or squating before i had the surgery and am still carrying that same mentality. I do squats in the pool but standing single legs scare the crap out of me. I know its all in my head and my knee is doing fine. I did some squatting yesterday with the large ball against my back leaning on a wall. Those weren’t too bad. I did 3 sets of 8 with hardly any pain. Im back to swimming, doing cardio and leg presses but just need to get over this mental hurdle. For the first time i shot basketball but with little to no lift off the floor. But i was happy to be out there somewhat like i used to be. Hopefully soon i will be able to push off the floor and jump some. I hope everything with you is getting better and that you are seeing some progress. Dawn

  95. Farrah said

    OS apt tomorrow!! I will post after that 🙂 I am still in pain….UGH!

  96. Farrah said

    This is a little long response, but if you don’t want to read the whole thing, the last few sentences pretty much sum it up! I think it went well!

    First, my PT had a little chat with me saying that I do too much and this and that. Anyway, she made me understand again that I am doing too much. So I was in my PT’s clinic for about 1.5 hours until the OS came in to see my knee. I did get more x-rays to make sure everything was healing right….which I already knew was okay. Anyway, so my OS and the PA came in and examined me with my PT standing there ready to answer anything. I loved the set up b/c everyone was on top of everything. The PT told him what I struggle with the most and what I can do without pain. She did say I have a lot of pain during certain exercises. She explained it perfectly. So then he examined my knee…touched it around, extended it, made me flex, etc. He made me do an SLR. I gritted my teeth while doing it. Then he asked if it hurt, and of course I said yes and showed him where. He asked me about my typical daily schedule…asked me about how long and often I coach gymnastics, etc. I told him all my activities. He then said that I need to change my lifestyle to acommodate my knee…in other words stop doing things that hurt. He said I just need to do as little as possible to make my knee hurt. He said I really need to communicate with them and my PT as much as possible when I am having pain during certain things. He said when I have a busy week or weekend, to not come to PT. He said if I have a busy day and my knee hurts, don’t come to PT. In other words, if it hurts, don’t do more things to make it worse. The idea is to prevent pain. The more I do to make it hurt, the longer it will hurt. I completely understood that. He then told me about how many x-gymnasts he sees during adulthood with so many knee injuries….I was kind of curious about that. He did blame gymnastics on my problems. So then he started asking me about pain meds. I told him how much hydrocodone I was taking every day. He was surprised at how much I had to take and asked me what happens when i don’t take it…I told him I could barely move around at all and was in a ton of pain. He then explained to me that I could have an addiction b/c you can get addicted faster to narcotic pain meds than cocaine. I am glad he brought that up!! He said that addiction would not be my fault and they will try to prevent it from happening. He told the PA to give me another prescription for a smaller dose of hydrocodone to see if that helps the pain while taking just a little less. He also asked me if the pain meds help with PT, and I said that not too much b/c it still hurts with the meds. So he then examined how I function from hip to foot…how I use my hip to move my legs around, how I sit, etc. He asked what happens when I stand up from a chair to do anything. I told him where it hurt while going from sitting to standing and what happens if I walk and keep walking. He asked if it kept hurting when I continued to walk…I said yes. Then he asked me about orthotics and if I have them…I sad yes (he made me get them years ago). So I went to the locker room while he stood there and watched me walk and commented on not putting hardly any weight down…well I just had PT, what did you expect. He also started talking to the PT while I was going to get the orthotics. Anyway, so he is having Dr. Julien (my old foot doctor who also goes to my PT) look at them next time we are both at PT at the same time. He said they do help with pronation, which is what I do when I walk. So in other words, that is not the problem. So anyway, ultimately I am happy with how the apt went. I am so glad that my PT was right there. What I got out of my apt was that I need to calm down with my activities, prevent as much pain as I can, communicate with them about when it hurts during whatever I do, get my orthotics looked at, and continue taking pain meds. He said that the pain is still from my weak quads and told the PT to work around my pain. She said we are trying our best. If something hurts, she always takes it out or changes it to not make it hurt. I will not get stronger if the exercises hurt. I am happy about my apt even though some of you guys wanted more than that, but I feel like he was thorough in his examination. He took note of lots of things that I wanted to tell him, but he asked them before I was able to. Anyway, I am still called his “project” whatever that means. I still know I am in good hands. My muscles need to get stronger!! Sorry to type up so much, I just didn’t want to miss any detail of the apt!! I will go back and read this another time if I forgot what happened. He wants me back in 5 weeks! One extra week than usual! I hope you are doing well.

    Oh, he said that if I am still taking as much pain meds by next visit, then he is referring me to a pain management doctor…I think it is stupid!! I hope you are doing well with everything!!


  97. Dawn said

    I have my OS appt. today and will post either over the weekend or on Monday. I wish you were doing soo much more than you currently are. How are you going to strengthen your muscles if it hurts to do anything? Have you tried working out in the pool? I work out in the pool at least three times a week. It helps especially with single leg squats. Well I hope your pain management gets better and you don’t need to go to a pain management specialist. So far for me im doing pretty well. Still have some swelling but no pain. I shot around (basketball) for the first time earlier this week. It felt good. Of course i can’t run but it was nice to at least stand, shoot, and get a little bit off the floor.


  98. Farrah said

    Waiting to see how your OS apt went!!

  99. Dawn said

    Well I had my OS appt on Friday. It went well. Everything looks good. I don’t have to go back for another three months. He did give me some bad news…I can’t ride my motorcycle for six months. He realized that I wasnt gonna wait that long. Im waiting long enough for me to put my foot on the peg…once again ROM issues. I got up to 125 on Monday and i hope to be at 140 by the beginning of April. I want to have my full range by the end of April. My PT has been dropped from 3xs a week to just 2xs. I think thats a good thing lol. Still no major issues. Still hate doing single leg squats but i think im slowly getting over that issue. So how are you doing? Getting better?

  100. Farrah said

    Dawn, sounds like you are doing great!! Too bad about the motorcycle though! I am sure if it was up to him, you would never be allowed to drive it again! I am doing about the same. I still have tons of pain. I have tried taking the lower dose of vicodin, but it wasn’t successful, so I am back on the higher dose. I am feeling much better today b/c of it. I have been on it every exact 4 hrs. Since Thursday of last week when I was in sooooooooo much pain even with meds, I tried using my TENS to get some relief. It helped so much. From wanting to go to the hospital, to feeling okay enough to sleep. So Friday I called the PT about using it, and she was all for it since it gave me relief. So now I use it every day sometimes all day or all night. It is awesome!! So I used it from about 4pm-8pm today, and it made a huge difference in my relief. I still take it easy though, but it works. My PT yesterday sucked so badly! I couldn’t do much. She keeps taking more and more things out of my routine and trying and adding new things every visit. It seems the pain is getting worse and if it wasn’t for my meds and TENS, I’d be miserable. I still can’t do much with that stuff, but it is better than sitting with tons of pain all the time. Anyway, good luck with everything. If you want to correspond through e-mail from now on so we don’t have to check this all the time, my e-mail is arkitect06@gmail.com. Talk to you later!


  101. Farrah said

    How have you been? Hopefully you are doing well. Not me!! I was running out of the higher dose and had to call my PA about getting more. He didn’t want to at first b/c of the possibility of an addiction. After crying over the phone about the pain and my frustrations he gave me the higher dose and said he would talk to my OS on Monday about what to do. I think they will probably send me to a pain doctor. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, if I don’t hear from you, have a great Easter!


  102. Dawn said

    WOW!!! I hope and pray that you dont have an addiction. But hopefully they an get a hold on whatever is going on. Good luck. Anyway, I think Im doing well. My ROM is still a battle. I got up to 125 on Wed. and then skipped PT on Friday…just didn’t feel like going. Butwent to the gym the next day and worked out. I have PT again on Tues. I have been stretching my knee today to hopefully get some flexibility in it. It was feeling a bit stiff so I stretched it out. Feels a lot better. Well its back to work tomorrow. I hope your Easter was good and have a productive time at PT this week. Good luck.


  103. Farrah said

    So now my OS has given me those lidoderm patches. Today was my first day to try one while still taking the smaller doses of vicodin. It seemed to help just a little bit. I am still struggling with pain and I am tired of it!! I wish there was something else that could be done!! I couldn’t do much at PT yesterday. 3/5 exercises hurt so much my PT made me stop. She looked frustrated with me 😦 I am frustrated too. She seems to already be giving up on me.


  104. Dawn said

    Sorry to hear about that. I hope the patch helps. Im not versed on what it does or how it helps. But i hope it does. As for me Im still frustrated with my ROM nothing new. I got up to 126 on my own. And with him pushing i got up to 133. So I went to the gym and make sure i continued to bend it. I hope to be back into sports by Sept. It looks like i may. But you never know. Hope you get better girl.


  105. Farrah said

    Congrats on your ROM! I still don’t know what my flexion is at this point! My extension is still not 100%. The lidoderm patch is a lidocain adhesive patch that you put where your pain is. It numbs the area. It doesn’t help that much. I had a cry session with my PT today and told her how much pain I am in always. She wanted me to move my OS apt up ASAP, but there weren’t any available until well after my original date. My apt is April 17th and the closest available wasn’t until May!! So I left it at what I already had meanwhile my PT was going to talk to my OS and PA today, but I don’t know if she did or not. Tomorrow I will call her to see if she did. I will keep you posted. Anyway, still struggling….tired of it!! It is wearing me out big time mentally and physically. Good luck with your continued success!!


  106. Farrah said

    So I called my PT today and she told me
    they decided on sending me to pain management. She couldn’t answer
    all of my questions about that, so I left a message for the PA to call
    me and give me more information. So while coaching around 5:30pm
    today, I got a call from the OS’s office and it was my PT. She said
    that they want to prescribe me this thing called medrol dospak. I
    asked what it was, then she put the PA on the line b/c he wanted to
    explain it…It is steroids that are taken progressively over 6 days.
    I take 6 the first day, 5 the second, and so on until they are gone.
    I am suppose to call him at the end of the prescription to let him
    know how it worked. If it doesn’t work then the next on the list is a
    steriod injection in the knee joint. If this doesn’t work then it is
    off to the pain management. I am curious what changed their minds. My
    PA also told me to stop PT for a while until my pain is under control.
    Then my PT came back on the phone and explained to me to continue
    doing my PT exercises at home…she said stop if anything hurts. So I
    cancelled all my apts and that is that for now. I will know more at
    the end of next week when this new medication is all taken. I hope I
    remember to take all the doses. I take the meds 4 times tomorrow!!
    That is a lot of remembering. Meanwhile, I am suppose to take the
    vicodin as needed. B/c of that, I have to continue the antihistamine
    to prevent the allergy problems with it. Anyway, the steroid is
    suppose to help with the inflammation. I can’t wait to start my new
    treatment tomorrow!! I just want to be relieved of this horrible
    horrible pain I always have!!! I am glad they are all communication
    and taking me seriously!!


  107. Dawn said

    WOW!!! You really have a lot going on with yourself right now. Im sorry that you are in this position. I hope that everything gets better for you. What is medrol dospak and what is it suppose to do for you? Is it suppose to releive the pain? Inflamation? Not sure.

    As for me, Im doing ok. I called my OS on Thursday because I was having issues wth my knee. It seems to be doing a lot of popping. It doesnt hurt but it seems to pop more and more each day. Well he said that if its not hurting not to worry about it. My PT said before, that I may be my knee breaking through scar tissue. I hope this is helping me get through my ROM issues. Keep me posted on your recovery. Thanks.

  108. Farrah said

    Hello there Dawn…I do have a lot going on it seems. At least they are listening to me now! When they called me on Friday, I thought that was my call back from leaving a message. Well I got a call from the PA today saying he was returning my call and he left his cell phone. So I took that as an opportunity to let him know he already answered my questions and to ask more about the medrol dose pack. By the way, it is a 6 day pack of steroids. It is used for all kinds of illnesses and problems…pain included. Anyway, I called my PA on the way home today to let him know he already answered my questions and he said I should be feeling the steroids by day 3…which was today. So far no difference noticed! So I am continuing to be patient as he said to be b/c it may change over the next few days. I will keep you posted. It was so nice not to have to go to PT tonight!! I am continuing all my exercises at home though. Anyway, have a great night!!


  109. Farrah said

    I have a cortisone injection on Monday around 9:30am at my OS’s office. I have off from gymnastics tomorrow and all next week b/c of my knee and a sincere concern from my coaching boss that I need a break. So we’ll see how next week goes. Meanwile, still no PT scheduled. Maybe next week if the injection goes well.

  110. Dawn said

    Well i hope the injections work. Anything to get you back into the swing of things. I think laying off gymnastics is a good idea. I know how much stress on you legs/knees it can do.

    As for me, nothing much has changed. Still working on the ROM and strength. Keep positive thoughts and you will do well.

  111. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I got the injection this morning! Today has been a long day so far. It was so numb at first and I could actually walk! I crutched in with lots of pain and walked out carrying my crutches! I wanted to cry I was so happy! Since then, the soreness and some of the pain has already come back after the numbness has begun to wear off. I took 2-10mgs of vicodin at 2pm and am feeling a little better. MY knee is definitely still numb, but I still can feel some of the usual pain, but I can walk!! So the shot so far has helped enough to allow me to walk! I know it may wear off, so we’ll see. I was told to call in 2 days to let him know if it helped. Over these 2 days, the steroid should begin to work if it was successful. So we’ll see! I can’t wait to find out!! I took today off work to “baby” my knee as the doctor told me to. I may take tomorrow off too if I feel bad. I have been icing for 20mins every 1hr today! I hope you are doing well…good luck with your ROM and strengthening!

  112. Dawn said

    Well its good to read something positive from you. And it sounds like you are on your way to doing much better. I can actually read the excitement in your words. Im happy for you. As for me, I talked with my PT yesterday about my swelling. We both are concerned about it. I measured my ROM and its still stuck at 126 degrees. He measured my knees to see how swollen it is and its the same as it was in Feburary. So he suggested I go in to see my OS and get it drained. I called this morning and got an appointment at 2:30 pm. Hopefully this draining will help because my PT believes that this is the main reason why Im not getting my ROM back. It was nice to know that my concern was also his. Lets me know that Im not crazy. LOL. I will post tomorrow to let you know how I feel after the injection. Good luck and congrats on feeling better.

  113. Farrah said

    Dawn, I can still walk!! All the other pain with movement and such is back. I think that it is just from weak quads…so we’ll see. I will call my doctors office tomorrow to let them know how the injection affected me. I am curious if walking is enough to go back to PT and skip “Plan C” to go to pain management. I hope it is enough! I think that PT can help the other issues. I hope the injection helps you! That’s too bad that you had the same amount of swelling for so long!! Well let me know how your apt went!


  114. Dawn said

    Well i didn’t get an injection. He was suppose to take out some of the swelling. But when he went in with the needle much of nothing came out. So Im still not sure how or why totally, but he just said that we will let nature and time take its course. So that was a little saddening. He was also going to try an anti-imflamatory injection afterwards but since i didnt get anything drained he had to skip that. So im suppose to come back in about 3 weeks or so and see him.
    Its good to hear your doing better. Hopefully you can get back into the swing of things at PT and get some quad strength back. Im gonna try to go back to icing and elevating my leg really high and see if that works. Talk with you later.


  115. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, sorry to hear about that injection problem! So i called my OS’s PA today to give him an update on the steroid shot…i can still walk. So he put me back in PT starting next week. I go Monday for PT then Thursday for PT and OS apt. After next week, I will only go once a week as long as I can do my stuff at home!! So that was good news. I still can’t do a ton of things like extension, SLR, or stairs, but that will come with PT he said. They wanted me to keep taking it easy for the rest of this week to make sure that the inflammation doesn’t come back. So I will keep you posted on next week’s PT!! Have a good one!! Sorry about your swelling still! Good luck icing and elevating!


  116. Dawn said

    Ok well I went to PT today and after doing the stepper for a few minutes my PT suggested that I take two weeks off since I have been going hard ever since I’ve been able to walk. I can still go to the gym and do things like the bike, upper body work, and some cardio. I just need to stay away from squats, overly stretching of the knee, and anything that puts stress on my knee joint. Hopefully this approach will reduce some of my swelling. So tomorrow I will be back in the pool working out. It was a bit upsetting but its the only other alternative since Im unable to take anti-inflammatory meds since Im on blood thinners. So I will go back to PT in two weeks, then off to my OS after that, and continue to get my blood checked weekly until its back on the right level.

    Glad that your doing well. Continue whatever your doing. You seem to be on the right track.

  117. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, It is almost a week since my injection and I start back at PT on Monday after two full weeks off. My pain has come and done over the last few days, but I have always been able to walk. I have learned that taking my anti-inflammatory, indocin, has helped with some of the pain. So I am taking 2 of those a day as well as my Ultram ER like I used to take before surgery for my back. I still have a long way to go, but the pain has become manageable finally. I also have an OS apt next Thursday (April 17th) along with the 2nd PT apt of the week. So next week is a big week I guess. I am very nervous about going back to PT b/c I have been doing so well with taking it easy and doing the non-painful exercises at home. I am very nervous that it will start to hurt while walking again. Oh well, I will keep you posted how it all goes.

    Sorry you are taking 2 weeks off PT. I am sure it is for the best. That’s good that you can still do the non-stressful activities in the gym. I am not even close to a lot of what you have been doing. I want to try the bike next week, but I don’t think I will be able to yet…we’ll see. I can’t wait to start being able to do stuff in the gym like you!

    Good luck with your time off PT! I hope it helps!


  118. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, It is almost a week since my injection and I start back at PT on Monday after two full weeks off. My pain has come and done over the last few days, but I have always been able to walk. I have learned that taking my anti-inflammatory, indocin, has helped with some of the pain. So I am taking 2 of those a day as well as my Ultram ER like I used to take before surgery for my back. I still have a long way to go, but the pain has become manageable finally. I also have an OS apt next Thursday (April 17th) along with the 2nd PT apt of the week. So next week is a big week I guess. I am very nervous about going back to PT b/c I have been doing so well with taking it easy and doing the non-painful exercises at home. I am very nervous that it will start to hurt while walking again. Oh well, I will keep you posted how it all goes.

    Sorry you are taking 2 weeks off PT. I am sure it is for the best. That’s good that you can still do the non-stressful activities in the gym. I am not even close to a lot of what you have been doing. I want to try the bike next week, but I don’t think I will be able to yet…we’ll see. I can’t wait to start being able to do stuff in the gym like you!

    Good luck with your time off PT! I hope it helps!


  119. Farrah said

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! Crazy OS appointment today!!! Got x-rays……there is so much to say! I will try to make it short and sweet. So I was newly informed of a bunch of things today. I have patella alta for one. Before surgery, I had grade III chondramalacia caused by patella subluxation. My cartilage is worn 1mm from the bone. We compared today’s x-rays to Pre Op x-rays, and my patella is still tilted, but is in the correct place now. I still have lots of obvious muscle weakness that he thinks is causing the tilt. He said that most of my pain is coming from my cartilage issues. He wants me to wear the patella strap to see how that helps with the walking pain and pain from everything else. He said if I still have problems in 1 month, we are going to try Euflexxa injections to help smooth out the damaged areas and allow things to glide smoothly. He said no other surgery could help, except a TKR, but I am too young for that. Soooooooo PT visits once a week and a good home program for the other days, wear the strap, continue to take it very easy, and the big one here………. use a CANE!!!!!!!! I flipped out with that one! He gave it to me, taught me how to use it, and said it will help with my other knee. UGH! So I gave in! He wants me back in 4 weeks. When I went to make my follow up apts, there were none until the beginning of July! So the lady made me one for 4 weeks!! I can’t imagine how long til a new patient apt is available! So that’s that!



  120. Dawn said

    Wow a cane!!!! I have never seen a 20 something with a cane. How do you feel about that? Must feel strange. Well at least you are seeing some progress.

    As for me, Im still doing some light working out. Not trying to put too much strain on my knee. Its not bending like before but thats because i have been unable to get a good stretch in. I go back to PT on the 28th and can’t wait. I hope my swelling has reduced but i don’t believe it has. My general doctor said that I may be able to reduce my blood thinner meds so that i can take an injection of anti inflamatories. I will let you know more once i make my OS appt. some time within the next two weeks.

    Continued luck with all that you have done.

  121. Farrah said

    Thanks Dawn. The cortisone has probably worn off about 80%!! I have stopped being able to walk caneless or crutchless. It has been getting worse since PT on Tuesday. So I have taken a huge step backwards AGAIN! I have a 9hr gymnastics meet tomorrow and am thinking it may be a good idea to wear my huge bendable brace! I think it will hold me back some! I can’t make 9hrs! I will keep you posted on how it goes.

    I hope your swelling goes down!! That’s good that you may be able to reduce your blood thinner meds! What are those for anyway? Well have a good weekend!


  122. Dawn said

    Well the blood thinner meds are due to the blood clot that I told you I got after my surgery. They said it is standard that I be on them for at least 6 months. I am going into month five right now. I have an appointment on Friday to have an ultrasound done to see if its still present in my leg. So wish me luck with that. I hope your meet didnt put too much stress on your leg. I know this has been one of your most trying times in your life. I know i wish this whole ordeal was finished and so do you.

    Talk with you later.


  123. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I remember about the blood clot, but I didn’t realize that you were still taking the meds. I have a friend that had a blood clot after her Fulkerson as well. She only took the meds for about 2 months or so. She was suppose to take them for 3 months. Well I Hope your ultrasound goes well. The meet sucked! We won first place, but the pain was unbearable at times. I got through it. I wish this was over!!!!!! Would be nice to play tennis! Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!


  124. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, How did the ultrasound go?? I hope it went well. I hope you were able to get off the blood thinners. As for me, life sucks right now! Last week was a very very rough week. Not so much with pain, but frustration! I had PT on Wednesday. Well the week before this appointment, I was still walking fine thanks to the cortisone injection. Well after that particular PT apt, I couldn’t walk anymore! Then I had my OS apt and he wanted me to use the cane. Well at Wednesday’s apt my PT asked me how I was doing (I left my cane in my locker). I told her crappy. She was not happy b/c she doesn’t want me to go to PT if I am not doing well. She asked what started it again. I told her PT last week! She said we didn’t do anything last week. I said, well whatever we did I couldn’t walk when I got back to work that day. Then I couldn’t walk again. So it had to be PT! So she only made me do my home exercises, then iontophoresis, looked at my knee, and I went home. She said to put PT on hold again and she is going to talk to my OS AGAIN on monday! UGH! This is getting old! I just can’t do anything at PT. I try…I really do. It’s not pain that I should be pushing through. It is very very sharp pain. Anyway, so the last few days, I have hardly been able to walk even with my cane. I have a very busy weekend including captaining a 3.5mile March of DImes walk this morning. I will be watching it. Then I have a state gymnastics meet this evening and another on on Sunday! I also will be working on Sunday morning. So busy busy. I will do my best to take care of myself to prevent pain. Anyway, that’s that for now. I will let you know what my OS says on Monday.


  125. Dawn said

    HEY!!! Sorry I have not been as active as I should. I cancelled my ultrasound appt on friday and changed it to yesterday (monday). Well I went in and she began the ultrasound. She explained things to me about what I should be hearing and what I shouldn’t from the machine. After it was over, I asked her if she saw anything that I should still be worried about and she responded no. And that everything looked great from what she could see. So hopefully when my doctor gets this report I can be taken off immediately so that I can start some anti-imflammatory treatment. I had PT yesterday and once again he measured my knee and still no signs of the swelling coming down. So the only thing that was done was some minor stretching and a bunch of questions given. So thats basically my dilema right now. I have to schedule an appt with my OS for hopefully next week so that we can figure out why my swelling won’t go down. Hopefully I will hear from my doctor about getting off these blood thinners soon. I need a drink lol!!!!

  126. Farrah said

    I guess we are both frustrated right now! I heard back from my PT yesterday. They want me to stop going to PT until my May 16th apt to see how I feel. So I am getting a 2nd opinion. This doesn’t make sense to me. My OS said he thinks my pain is still from muscle weakness, yet now he is saying to stop PT until next apt. He said at my last apt that he wanted me to go back to PT for the next 4 months and see if it helps. If it didn’t help then we’d to the Eufflexa injections. So waiting for a few weeks and not going to PT isn’t going to get me anywhere! So I have been doing research on other doctors in my area. Nobody special, just someone who specializes in knees. I have found a few. I had to fax a request to get my medical records from my current doctor. I hope they don’t find out about this b/c I really really like my OS. If a 2nd opinion does nothing for me, then I am going back to my current one. Anyway, I have been depressed about all of this for a week or so. I have been depressed for probably 3 months out of 4 with this crap. I hit 4 months PO yesterday. I don’t ever call my friends anymore b/c I am always unhappy and don’t want to bring them down. I never go out b/c I never feel like it. I don’t even e-mail my friends. I am always unhappy now. I am never my happy cheerful self. I want to be normal again!


  127. Farrah said

    I heard back from my OS’s office today. My PA called me. They think maybe a scope is the way to go right now to see where my pain is coming from. I will find out Friday or Monday what the next step will be. My current next OS apt is May 16th, but they may want to see me earlier. I am just glad they are listening to me and trying to figure things out! They said they almost as frustrated as I am. SUCKS!

    Meanwhile, I have a 2nd opinion on Monday at 3pm.

    Oh well. It will get better eventually. I hope you are doing okay!


  128. Dawn said

    Well hopefully going back in and looking around will help them figure something out. I hope it helps and that you can find some answers. As for me, still at bit frustrated. My doctor called and said that the results from my ultrasound came back good but he wants me to continue being on the blood thinners until july 1st because of the type of blood clot i had. Well i told the nurse that the reason i got the early ultrasound was so that i could be able to take the anti inflammatories and get my knee swelling down. So she came back and informed me that i could come off of them and if i had any complications that i need to see them. So when my OS calls me back, since i made an appt to see him next thurs., he will let me know what kind of anti inflammatory treatment he wants me to be on. They just want to make sure that the blood clot does not return. And of course thats what i want too but i also want to be able to gain strength in my knee and as long as this swelling is in there…i can’t do that totally. So yes im frustrated and so many other things. But don’t let this get you down. Remember this too shall pass. I know for sure now that i will not have the other knee done. I can’t put myself or my body through this pain and on an emotional roller coaster again. Keep your spirits up.


  129. Farrah said

    Got nothing out of the 2nd opinion…they said stick with my current OS. They said I had such extensive surgery that there is nothing the can do, but tell me to wait it out and deal with it! When someone tells me to deal with it, I get really pissed. They don’t know what it is I am dealing with! I am still awaiting a call from my current OS.


  130. Dawn said

    Well I just started the anti-imflammatories just yesterday so hopefully they will help. I have an appt with my OS on thursday late afternoon and i hope i walk out of there with some good news. Im gonna ask that he drain my knee again but i doubt that he will try. So im taking 500mg naproxen, 2 times a day. I have not been to PT in about a month and it sucks. I need to contact him today to see if he had any luck figuring out what to do with me. I may just stop by there before my appt on thursday so that I can relay any msgs to my OS from him. I am ready for all of this to be over and done with…just like im sure you are as well.


  131. Farrah said

    I am so ready for this to be over as well!! I hope your apt goes well. My OS’s office had a conflict with my apt and pushed it back 6 days (from May 16 to 22)!! UGH! If they call me tonight, I will address this. I am having enough crap to deal with right now and don’t want my apts pushed back…if anything, I want them pushed forward. They did mention that they may want to see me earlier anyway. So we’ll see what they say when the PA calls me today (if he calls). Let me know how your apt goes!! Good luck!


  132. Farrah said

    Dawn, I start my first of three weekly Eufflexa injections on Monday. My OS finally called. I told him about his office changing my apt and he is going to look into that.

    I saw my general physician today for depression. She agreed tremendously that I am depressed and prescribed me Cimbalta. We’ll see how it works…she wants me to call her back in 1 week to let her know if I experience any side effects. Anyway, I hope you are doing well!


  133. Dawn said

    Well I was suppose to have my appt yesterday but they said they had nothing scheduled for me so i had to get it rescheduled for today at 3:15. No one seems to have a clue as to why i continue to have all this swelling. And its frustrating me to no end. I can’t get back to regular activities…heck i cant even sit down without being reminded that i need to put my leg out a little further just in case i bend it too much and then im in a lot of pain. I have not had PT in like a month. Im going to stop by there before my appt with my OS and see if i can get put back on the schedule. Im sorry that you became depressed due to all of this but i can certainly understand why. I mean im reminded of this as well but you get it constantly throughout the day with pain. My pain doesnt come from walking but more from my ROM. Hope all of this helps.


  134. Farrah said

    How did your apt go? I hope it went well! I am still waiting on approval for my Eufflexa injections…could be a few more days. Let me know how you are doing!


  135. Dawn said

    Hey sorry about that. Nothing new has changed with me and what they are saying. Same old swollen knee. i have been on the naproxen for a week now and doing fine. I havent seen a change but i dont expect to this soon. The Eufflexa injections sound like the same thing that my OS is talking about too. He said if over the next three weeks the naproxen does not doing anything that he will try that method. Its a series of three shots given over a two week period. He says that it does not treat swelling but it may treat whatever is causing the swelling to continue. So hopefully i don’t need to go there and this swelling will go away. I will keep you posted. I go back to PT today so hopefully i will do more than just stretch lol.


  136. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, so how was your first day back to PT? What are the injections that your OS is talking about? What are they called? It does sound similar, but mine are 3 over 3 weeks. It is a gel injected into my joint to lubricate and cushion it. It is suppose to smooth about the damaged areas. We’ll see. I have been trying to reach my PA on the phone again to ask him questions about it. I just want to know if it is anything like the cortisone shot. If it is similar, then I may have to take an afternoon off at work for every injection. For some reason, my back became very very sore afterwards and I couldn’t stand up at all. I also want to tell him about some other issues I am having. I have my next apt on Thursday May 22, so I could wait, but I don’t want to ask the Euflexxa questions on the day of the first one. Anyway, I hope you are doing well.


  137. Dawn said

    Well they sound like the same injections. And its actually over two weeks. Lets say you come take the first on the 22nd, then you take the next one a week later on the 29, and then two weeks later on the 5th of june. Thats three injections over a two week period unless they are spacing two weeks between one injection. Anyway, I will see how im doing when i go back to see him on the 30th. PT is ok. I actually got up to 132 degrees yesterday. So maybe the pills are working but i don’t see a difference right now. My knee feels fine but this swelling thing is a problem. I have to see if i got approved for that injection. Make sure you keep me posted after your OS appt.


  138. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, you are right about 2 weeks! I never thought like that. I just knew it was once a week for 3 weeks. I was finally able to get a call from my PA yesterday. I have been concerned with my knee locking and shifting so much. On Sunday I was sitting in the car riding back from my Mother-in-law’s house and my knee was locked up while sitting. I tried straightening it, but it wouldn’t budge and the pain was so bad. I forgot about it temporarily and got out of the car and straightened out accidentally…swelled up immediately and has been killing me since then. Well my PA wants to do isokinetic testing at my OS apt Thursday. That is also the first day of the injections. I will keep you posted.

    I am glad the pills are helping your ROM. I hope it continues to get better for you. I hope you get approved for those injections! We’ll have to cheer each other on through those 2 weeks of getting poked!


  139. Dawn said

    Well we are taking the same injections. And I called my doctor’s nurse and she said that I have been approved for them. So I guess he will try to drain my knee once again, not totally sure, and then do the injections. We have two different symptoms and he explained that its for cartilige so hopefully this helps me out but it seems like they are made more for you. But we will see. I don’t go back until next thursday afternoon. And then Friday morning i have an appt to see a dermatologist about my scars. Hopefully she can do something to minimize it or just explain to me that nothing can be done but to give it time. Whatever it is, I just want some clarification. I hope these injections work for the both of us. It seems as if our doctors don’t totally know whats up with us. We are unique cases lol. Sorry about the locking, i know that must hurt. Be careful and keep me posted about your appt tomorrow.

  140. Farrah said

    My first injection was on Thursday. It didn’t hurt, but I was definitely very sore later that day. Other than that, it was a piece of cake! I went to my parent’s lake house for the last two nights and just got back this morning. It is only 2 hrs away from us, but far enough to say it was a short vacation trip. Well we spent the day at our neighborhood pool with my husband’s family. Well my surgery knee isn’t happy with me right now. I have taken darvocet all day, but that stuff doesn’t even touch my pain at all. So I am about to take some hydrocodone 10mgs to help. I hope you are doing okay. Let me know how your upcoming OS apt goes again.


  141. Dawn said

    Well thank you for informing about that Euflexxa injections. So now i can be aware of the possible soreness afterwards. I hope that this helps me. I go and see him on thurs. So far the anti-inflammatories i don’t believe have worked, but im still optimistic. I missed the my PT appt on thursday, i guess i need to apologize to him lol. Well i will keep you posted on my injections as well.


  142. Dawn said

    Going in for my first shot today. I will tell you how it goes tomorrow. How is your knee feeling?

  143. Dawn said

    Ok well i had my first injection which was uncomfortable to get but it was quick. I didnt have the achy feeling that i have when i get my knee drained. He said he would try again on next week to drain it. I hope that he is able to do so. Also, my knee feels a little better. I was able to stretch it early this morning some so hopefully thats a good sign.

    Where are you? How has the Euflexxa treatments worked for you? Im hoping that this allows you more freedom and the ability to do more PT. Look forward to hearning back from you.


  144. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I have just not been around much I guess. My GP prescribed me ambien to help with sleep since I haven’t slept in months. Meanwhile, my knee sucks! I had my first PT session in 6 weeks on Friday. So painful! I was in tears several times, but my PT said that I have to get through it or my quads will not get stronger and I will have this pain for longer! So I gritted my teeth and got through it. I then had my 2nd injection. It was a little more uncomfortable than the last one, but it could have been b/c my knee was already throbbing from PT! I still haven’t gotten any relief from the injections yet, but they say it could take a few weeks. I was in very bad pain for the rest of the night. My hydrocodone doesn’t help anymore! My PT said that I should call my PA, so I called and left my him a message saying that I need pain meds that work or I can’t get through PT again!! I can’t even describe how bad it was. The step ups and the leg presses gave me #10 pain! So bad! Last night I resorted to taking a percocet which I was saving for emergencies since I only had 4 left. I actually got some sleep last night without the sleeping meds b/c the percocet helped with some pain. Unfortunately it got bad again when I woke up and has been like that since. Well I hope you are doing okay. AGain, I am sorry for not being around. I didn’t realize it had been so long! Let me know how you are.


  145. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, I rescheduled my 3rd opinion for tomorrow!!! I will keep you posted on how it goes.

    Hope you are doing okay!


  146. Dawn said

    Hey Im doing well. My knee seems to be doing about the same. I have a PT appt on thursday which will still be about the same. My next series of injections #2 will be thursday as well. Hopefully we can also get it drained some, heck a lot would be nice. I havent seen too many improvements as of yet but its only been a week. I have almost run out of naproxen so i need to get a refill. Well let me know what your next opinion says…i hope its a positive response.


  147. Farrah said

    First, before I left, my current OS’s PA called me returning my call from yesterday, I talked to her about all my concerns with PT and pain. I told her that the hydrocodone wasn’t helping. I took 2 before last Friday’s PT and 2 shortly after with no relief. So she thinks taking 2 before PT isn’t very therapeutic and to start taking 2 every 4hrs starting today. That way it will get in my system enough to hopefully benefit with PT. She wants me to call her or the other PA back after PT on Friday. Okay…so that’s one thing!

    For my new OS apt…I did what all was suggested by all KG buddies! I gave them the x-rays and the operative report and didn’t mention anything about what my current OS has said. I had a nice chat with the PA before the OS came in. I told him about the depression and problems sleeping as well as all the pain meds. The OS examined me, then asked if I ever had any injections. I told him cortisone and Euflexxa, with no relief. I didn’t tell him that i was in the middle of them. So he ordered more x-rays. He came back, said the Osteotomy has healed and the problem is probably nerve damage. He said after surgery sometimes people can develop this problem in their nerves that just produces a lot of pain. I don’t remember the name of the problem. He said needs to be treated so that I can get through PT and get stronger. He also thinks some of the problem is muscle weakness. So he recommends going to a pain specialist and getting injections in my back that I guess help with these nerves. So his office spent about 15minutes trying to figure out how to refer someone…they haven’t done it in a while.

    So here is my new plan taking everything under consideration….

    So I am going to go to my last Euflexxa injection and my nightmare PT appointment on Friday. Starting at 7pm tonight, I started taking the 10mgs of hydrocodone every 4-6 hrs until PT as recommended by my current OS’s PA. I am suppose to call the PA back on Friday after PT to let her know how it worked out. It would be nice to get some relief for a few days if it helps! I definitely wouldn’t want to live on that for long though!!

    So while sticking with that…I am going to wait for my new OS to call me this week. Then I am going to ask them what the future would be with this OS. Does he plan on seeing me and taking control of PT and whatever? Or does he just want to pass me along to this pain specialist? If he doesn’t plan on continuously seeing me, then I don’t think that is the best option. If he does plan on seeing me occassionally, then I will seriously consider it. I will also ask more about these injections and what it means for the future of my knee. So when my new OS calls to give me the number for pain management, I will call them and schedule an apt for 2 weeks from now. This will allow the Euflexxa to work or not work for sure by then. During those 2 weeks, I will continue with my once a week PT sessions (maybe..only if the pain meds help enough to not make it miserable) and talk to the current PA and OS about this other opinion and pain management and the nerve block (back injections) and such.

    That’s the plan for now, and I will keep this posted once dates have been set for things. Please don’t tell me if this is a bad plan b/c I am set on it for now. I am going to sleep on it tonight and make sure it is the plan I want to stick with.

    I hope you get some relief from your injections as I haven’t yet!!


  148. Dawn said

    At this point the only thing you can do is experiment with options. I suggest you do whatever they say. There is no hurt in trying whatever to get some relief so i say go for it. A new set of eyes on your knee is always good. Good luck with that ok. The last resort for me is to have another MRI so that the doctor can see what may be causing the swelling. Other than that, we are gonna see how the injections work and if they can get some of this swelling out tomorrow. I hope they can. Talk with you later.


  149. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, how was your OS apt this week? I hope you are doing well. Lots of updates from me! My new OS called me back and I asked all my questions. They diagnosed me with RSD or CRPS if you know what that is. It’s hard to explain, but easy to google. I have a pain specialist apt on July 9th which will allow my current OS’s Euflexxa treatment to work or not work. I have my next regular OS apt on June 27th. They have mentioned a scope surgery if I am still having pain. Meanwhile, they have prescribed me tylenol #3 for pain since I have become severly allergic to hydrocodone. I also have a PT apt on Wednesday with my old PT, Casey. He works with my current PT, but wants to evaluate me b/c of the bad pain I get during PT. So we’ll see how it all goes. I have a new plan! Continue PT until my apt on June 27th, go see the pain specialist in July and go from there!


  150. Dawn said

    Well i missed my appt on Friday and will be going today for my second Euflexxa injection. I am off schedule so i hope that doesnt effect things too much. I may suggest to my OS that I want an MRI again to make sure that everything is ok. I don’t want them to have to go back in and scope it but if it comes down to it i guess it will have to happen. I hope that the draining goes well and the swelling stays down after today…but we will see. Good luck with everything going on with you. I hope they can find you some answers.

  151. Dawn said

    Well i had my third draining and it didnt go as well as i wanted. I don’t think i will be putting myself through that again. I got only about 10cc out of my knee. I also received my second injection of Euflexxa. I also will be getting another MRI to make sure that everything is going well or not going well. So hopefully that will happen either next week or the week after. So im still really swollen and my OS said that it probably will just be awhile before it goes down. And that it will just take an extended amount of time before i see any result. I end PT at the end of the month so i only have about two more sessions. So i believe he has cleared me to do just about everything that im up to doing anyway. I haven’t done much. I need to work on one leg jumping in order to build some muscle but im not sure mentally if im ready. We shall see. I plan to shoot some hoops today and see how that goes. Let me know your progress.

  152. Farrah said

    So I had a very great PT apt today!! Painful yes, but very informative! Casey is my new permanent PT! I am so excited about that b/c he was awesome! So the apt was mainly an evaluation with only a few exercises. I filled out this form about my pain as he wrote lots of stuff down about it as well. He said that ever so often we are going to use that as goals and refill them out to see where I am. So we talked about the RSD, he doesn’t think I have it, but then while examining me said I definitely have a nerve problem. He said my skin is cold and clammy, I am overly sensitive around a very large area near my incision (tingly and irritating to touch). So he talked to my sports med doctor and gave me a prescription for lyrica (to help with the nerve problems). When my PA returns from surgery today, Casey is going to talk to him about getting an MRI for me. When he talks to the PA, he is also giong to tell him about the RSD diagnosis from the 3rd opinion. He is going to ask to get me referred to a pain specialist right away. He said I am taking too many medications and a pain specialist can help me decrease the number of them and continue to help with pain.

    So the goal of PT is to mobilize the joint, desensitize the area, and begin working on walking normally with or without crutches. He gave me forward and backward weight shifts, an exercise where I step over a pole and then bring my feet back together, and then this one where I rub a rough towel over the sensitive area for 5 minutes twice a day. Meanwhile, I am suppose to continue the side leg lifts and toe raises and stretches. I am thrilled for how it went!!! The exercsies were very painful, but he said that I have to do them as much as I can handle without killing myself. He said they will get me walking and weight bearing more. They were still more managable than my old PT’s exercise list. After the new exercises, I was able to tolerate a little more weight with walking, so that was good. Anyway, Casey was awesome and I am in tons of pain right now. At the end of the apt, we used e-stim and heat. He wants me to try heat at home if it helps. He also wanted me to use the e-stim that I have. I will be seeing him once a week for now. I feel good about it now.

    New plan, wait to hear back from Casey or my PA about MRI and pain specialist referral. If it all goes well…stay with my current OS, PA, PT, and the new pain doctor they will refer me to. Casey said that my OS’s pain doctor is one of the best with diagnosing any problems with pain or nerves.

    So…Yes, I am in pain, but I feel like I am in good hands again. My head has stopped spinning now that my decision to stay with my current OS has been made (as long as they help figure this out)!! My new (old) PT is awesome!

    Sorry about your swelling, but being released from PT sounds great! can you tell anything from Euflexxa yet? I obviously have not! Keep me posted!


  153. Dawn said

    From your words you seem to be up in spirits. Thats good to finally hear that from you. And no the Euflexxa has not kicked in as of yet. The swelling is still pretty massive and its of course effecting my ROM. So next week i go back for my third injection and then that thurs. i will have my MRI. I started using some topical cream for my scars. They are getting darker so she recommended a lightening cream. I did a little basketball last night. Shot around, jogged back and forth between baskets and felt good about 95% of the time. Is your swelling an issue or just pain right now?

  154. Farrah said

    Hello Dawn, my laptop broke, so I had to go through the weekend without knowing this website. I am at work now where I have it saved! So here I am 🙂 Sorry about your swelling. I wish they could figure it out for you. That’s great that you played some basketball! I can’t wait to just be able to walk again…tired of crutches! I hope you get some relief from Euflexxa! I am over a week out of it and still not having any pain relief! So that was a waste of time for me and waste of money for insurance! Those injections cost about $1000 or more I think. I just had to pay $40 copay for every OS visit to get each shot.

    I don’t have problems with swelling, just lots of pain. I am sick of it, but yes in a positive mood thanks to my depression meds.

    My PA called on Friday and we had about a 20 minute discussion on the phone about the 3rd opinion, my depression, and pain and pain meds. He wants to see me tomorrow at my next PT apt. He wants Casey to get the PA and maybe OS out of surgery to examine me and look signs/symptoms of RSD. If he sees any, they will refer me to a specialist, if not, then off to get an MRI. So we’ll see. I am anxious to find out.

    Can’t we e-mail back and forth instead of using this website? It just makes it easier. In e-mail, I see someone has responded and respond back ASAP. On here, I have to check it all the time. 🙂 I hope you are doing okay…glad your last injection is Thursday!


  155. Dawn said

    Sure we can exchange emails. I just don’t want to post my email up but your welcome to if you want and i could email you that way. Let me know. I go for my MRI today, but I havent made my next OS appt as of yet so that he can review them. I also have PT today and im not sure if this will be my last one or not. I may try to get one more before the end of this month.

  156. Farrah said

    Dawn, where are you??

    My PA on Friday wanted me to stay off my leg until my OS apt this week. It is on Friday and the 4th opinion is on Thursday. My Pa wanted me in earlier, but my OS is out all week until my apt on Friday. I am not doing well at all. Can’t bear weight and tired of crutches!


  157. Hilary said

    Hey, I am new to this site and read all your posts.
    I am weeks after my last Euflexxa injection, and it’s made my knee pain worse! (I have chondromalacia.)
    I’ve had a lot of PT with no help. If these Euflexxa injections don’t work, then my doc said we can talk about surgery, though he isn’t pushing it because he says it may not work. – I am not a happy camper, and just need to talk to others having knee problems.
    — Thanks –
    – Hilary

  158. Hi Hilary –

    I’m the writer of the blog, but I’ve not had the Euflexxa injections. Both Dawn and Farrah have, and have been writing on the comment board of this blog, but I believe they have taken their discussion offline.

    My knee issues have stabilized somewhat. I have pain, but it’s manageable and doesn’t hinder my athletic activities. I do Kumdo, scuba, some biking and hiking. The hiking is the hardest, with the climbing and the like, but I just have to be careful in how I step and stride, then I can avoid the pain.

  159. Hilary said

    Hi Quirksalight –

    Thanks for the reply. I am also very active, but this knee thing has really brought me down. Stairs are hard, although to look at me you wouldn’t think I was having a problem. Where I live, I have to climb stairs a lot. Like you, I have to be careful how I step to avoid pain.
    – If there is anyone who reads these posts whose knee pain was made worse by Euflexxa, even 3 weeks after the last injection, I’d like to correspond if at all possible.
    – Thanks,

  160. I bookmarked this blog earlier and just came back to it … well put and I will definately be forwarding this once I get to my work PC …

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