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Citrus & beer

Posted by quirksalight on December 30, 2007

This was at Bistro Europa on the 29th, as Don’t Panic was performing. CL and I were drinking beer at the bar while listening; she had a Yuengling and I had a Belhaven Scottish Ale.

Bar dude: Hey, how’s the Belhaven Ale? What is an ale, anyhow?
Me: Well, it’s kinda like a lager, but I like it because it’s not very hoppy and has a slight nutty taste. It reminds me of a Dubel.
Bar dude: Oh yeah, I guess you like the Belgium beers. You know, you have to add an orange to those, to change the chemistry before you drink them.

[at this point, CL is smirking quietly beside me]

Me: [giving the guy an odd look] Um, you’re thinking about hefeweizens, the wheat beers, and you add a lemon to them, not oranges. The acid in the lemon juice kills the foamy head.
Beer dude: Wow, you really know your beer!
Me: I like to know what I’m drinking.

Yes, this was what happened, pretty much verbatim. CL pointed out to me that the Beer dude was drinking a very fruity cocktail as he was talking beer with me. Funny, but odd.


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