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First day at school

Posted by quirksalight on March 4, 2008

Hah.. I didn’t think that I would be writing that phrase again. But here I am, at Buheung middle school, the first day of school, on stage at the school assembly giving a short speech about little ol’ me. Yep. They wanted the “Native English Teacher” to talk to them. It was a bit amusing. Here’s a pic of my school: Buheung MS
An interesting tidbit was that the middle school was here when my dad was at Inha University back in the ’60s. He told me that his retired college buddies are in the area if I ever needed some help. 😛
All the administrators and teachers have been super nice and helpful. Apparently I am about the same age as my principal’s son, so he’s always inquiring if I’m eating well and whether I am doing ok in my apartment by myself. I think I’ve gained another surrogate parent. 😀

Since we’re here for a year to work with the kids on their speaking abilities, we get paired up with a co-teacher. Mrs. Kim is my co-teacher, and she’s been totally awesome! She’s helped me outfit my apartment, get the syllabus, books, and have been extremely helpful with my constant stream of questions ranging from school policy to immigration paperwork.
I’ll be teaching all three grades, which would translate to 7th, 8th and 9th grades, but I see the first and second grades once a week on alternating months and the 9th grade every week. So my time with the students isn’t very long, and basically my job is to get them engaged so they are willing to practice speaking in English. It’ll be an interesting time, as I’ve met a couple of the students already and their fluency varies substantially.
Right now, I’m prepping and observing this week for my first day of actual teaching on monday, March 10th. I’m glad that they are giving me this week to get used to Incheon, the school, etc, as just figuring out how the equipment works and to get around the school is a learning process.

The Incheon EPIK teachers are getting together for dinner on Friday night for a recap and to bounce ideas/issues off of each other. I’m so glad that I went through EPIK to teach in Korea; the network is invaluable for everything from visa issues to finding a dry cleaner in your area.


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