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Out and about in Bupyeong

Posted by quirksalight on March 8, 2008

I organized a get-together for the Incheon EPIK 2008 teachers this Friday at Bupyeong Station, as that was the intersection of the two subway lines in Incheon city. However, this station is HUGE. Multiple levels, underground shopping mall, aboveground shopping mall…. tons of exits, etc. Convenient location, yes. Meeting up… well, not so much.
Two days prior, Brian and I even went there to scout out a meeting place. Decided to pick exit 2. However, apparently there are TWO exits marked “2” in the station. Amazingly enough, 4 out of the 6 of us found each other, and we were able to call Wietske to meet up at the only Starbucks in the area. But Linda and Mick we didn’t see and couldn’t call as she (like most of us) did not have a cell yet.
Dinner was awesome – we were all craving lots of grilled meat, and lots we found. I love the fact that Korea has fantastic food for mad cheap…. it’s wonderful! As was our marinated beef ribs and pork loin that we grilled over the charcoal pit in our table!
Post dinner, we headed to Goose Goose, which has a long standing rep as the “ex-pat” bar in Incheon. Settled down for drinks, and who but Linda and Mick walk in! They found the bar, and figured rightly that we’d head here. A bit of amusing trouble occurred, which you can see here.


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