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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Part 4: The motorcycle

Posted by quirksalight on March 25, 2008

The original plan for Saturday night was to explore Itaewon, get some salsa dancing in, and maybe hit up this fundraiser for an English teacher (Bill Kapoun) who died due to injuries received in an apt fire in Seoul.
We (Wietske, Lindsay, and I) had split up after shopping and were planning to meet up at salsa dancing in Itaewon, when I get a phone call saying that there is nothing to drink at the dance club, and they are charging a cover. Ugh. So off we went to satisfy a more pressing need, food, as Jake and I had not eaten dinner at this point (10pm!). We were able to find a Thai place, but the food was only mediocre, so I will not bother to post the name of it.
After, we were hopping locations, and the first place we checked out was Gecko’s Tavern. They had better beers than most places I had been to, which isn’t too surprising, as it’s an ex-pat bar in an ex-pat area of Seoul. Played some darts, but just really wasn’t happening there. Off we went to search for a noraebang – aka, a place where you can sing karoke in a private room.
During the search, I spot the Wolfhound, an Irish bar that happened to be the location of the fundraiser. We all donated 10,000 won at the door (some of us more), and settled in for a drink when we hear the auction starting. It was a charity auction to raise money to cover the medical expenses of Bill Kapoun, and whatever left over to go into an emergency fund for English teachers in Korea.
Yup – you guess it. The motorcycle was on the list. Jake and I were bidding, but more to drive the price a little higher (come on, 250,000 won for a motorcycle that was just bought!?!?). But… we did too good of a job, and Jake’s bid of 460,000 won was the winning bid.
Now the question – how the heck are we going to get it back to Incheon, much less Hwaechon, which is in a different province all together???? It’s raining, cold, and about 2am in the morning!! A taxi ride is at least 45 mins to Incheon (my apt). So, I talked to the taxi driver to go slowly and to take a route that a motorcycle can go on back to my apt. IT took over an hour in the cold rain to get back. So now, it’s parked at my apt until the shippers come pick it up on wednesday morning to ship it to Hwaechon. Yes, even with the shipping, the bike was a total bargain. Just a rather unexpected one. 😀


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