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Korean bandaids rock and other pharmacy thingys

Posted by quirksalight on April 11, 2008

I went to the pharmacy today to get some naproxen sodium (you might know it as Aleve, painkillers) and also asked if I could get something to help my lower back, as it’s been aching off and on for the past week. The pharmacist could speak some English, so the words I didn’t understand in Korean or know how to say in Korean were bypassed rather successfully. She gave me the two meds and then told me how many per day I was supposed to take.
1500mg of naproxen sodium a day!!! That’s twice the maximum daily dose of Aleve in the US. Same thing with the methocarbamol (generic name; the brand name version is Robaxin) she gave me for my back. That’s right. A drug, a muscle relaxant to be specific, which requires a prescription in the US, is an OTC drug here, and costs less than a co-pay. Again, the daily dose was twice the recommended dose back in the states. I was totally shocked and told the pharmacist so. She kind of chuckled and shrugged. Another example of how things are done differently here.
Oh, and the bandaids? I got waterproof bandaids and they are amazing! Water-tight through multiple washing of the hands, flexible, totally not in your way, and doesn’t peel at the edges. And you can remove them quite easily! Excellent…


3 Responses to “Korean bandaids rock and other pharmacy thingys”

  1. Farrah said

    Hey girl!! I hope you are enjoying yourself! How is your knee doing? That is crazy about the drugs in Korea!


  2. The knee is holding up ok… I think it’s hit a steady-state, but I haven’t done any sports yet. Next weekend is supposed to be a major hike up Mt. Soebaek, (which is about 2-3 hours away from me in the next province) a 6 hour hike up and down a mountain.
    I’m reading your notes on your recovery… it’s sounding like it’s rougher then you expected.

  3. Hi

    It is an intrstin post and I really like it.What was doing with knee.I think now you feeling well.korean’s are craxy about drugs.

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