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When your food fights back..

Posted by quirksalight on April 13, 2008

I had a very interesting gastronomical outing this weekend at Wolmido. Six of us were wandering, looking at the cherry blossoms that day and had decided to check out Wolmido’s sushi. (One of my friends recommended getting sushi here)
Well, we got one of the set seafood menus at this seafood place on the waterfront. This was one of our many dishes:

The food fights back

I called it twitchy before I called it lunch. 🙂


3 Responses to “When your food fights back..”

  1. Amy said

    tag. found you! how was the live octopus?

  2. Mark said

    Ha, I just noticed that you went near China Town (Incheon Station). Is Wolmido the coastline close to the amusment park? A few of my co-worker and I went up there to see China town. Then we went to the amusment park and walked the boardwalk. Did you see the street preformers too? We went back to China town and had a nice 6 course meal. None of the dishes moved.

  3. gloria said

    i’ve always wanted to try that! How was it?! You should bring some of those bandaids home (+ drugs)!

    Thanks for the banking tips. What a pain 😛

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