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It’s been an odd clothing week…

Posted by quirksalight on April 23, 2008

1. Double-sided tape is your friend.
On Monday, a girl in my first period said to me after class, “Teacher, shirt!” while pointing to my button down. She followed it up with, “Can see,” indicating that my buttondown gapes and can show my bra. (sigh) At least I was wearing a nice one. Needless to say, I really needed to fix this. There were 4 more classes of middle school kids to teach. No pins in sight, so I grabbed the roll of double-sided tape and adhered the two edges together. Presto! Nothing out of place. 🙂 I think I’ll do this again…. it’s a useful fashion trick.

2. My students and fellow teachers think I’ve lost weight. (maybe, not sure) Today, I heard this several times.

3. My favorite pair of dress shoes are getting consigned to the dumpster… they have worn out and gave me three blisters on Monday. Ugh.

4. It’s only Wednesday. I need to do laundry.


One Response to “It’s been an odd clothing week…”

  1. geektress said

    And for that double sided tape, stores in American can easily charge you $5+ by calling it a speciality clothing item.

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