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Back to swordfighting

Posted by quirksalight on May 7, 2008

I started Kumdo today with one of my co-teachers (who’s a lot better than me and can kick my ass in this). Unlimited instruction for 70,000 won a month, with the first month being 130,000 won b/c equipment (uniform and bamboo practice sword). Not too bad… it’s about $70 a month in USD.
First things first, footwork. The footwork is very similar to fencing with few, but very notable, exceptions.
Front v. side – in fencing, you’re showing the side of your body, and hence, your back foot is at an angle to your front. In Kumdo, you are facing forward and your feet are parallel, about 3-4 inches apart (aka, a lot closer together than shoulder width). This is due to the sword is a two-handed one.
Knees – you are supposed to keep your legs straight, with your knees straightened. Unlike fencing, where you’re in a crouch, and knees are always bent.
Footwork – in moving, fencing is forward and backwards. There is lateral and diagonal movement in Kumdo. But the movement is propelled by the rear leg (similar to fencing), but the front foot isn’t heel-toe as fencing, but toe-heel.

So basically, I’m doing a bit of reprogramming in my brain, as my body wants to turn my left foot to the side, bend my knees, and step heel first with my front leg. 😛

But ’tis cool.


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