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Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to read it.

Posted by quirksalight on May 18, 2008

The Truth and Reconcillation Commission in South Korea is in charge of airing out a terrible chapter of South Korea’s history; the mass executions of over 100,000 of its own people in the aftermath of the Korean war. The dictatorships of that time apparently removed people who were “alledged” communist sympathizers, then executed them in numerous locations around the country.
This number is considered to be conservative one, with other estimates being as high as 300,000, due to the number of people on the leftist party rolls of the 1950’s, most who are assumed to be part of the executed masses. Indeed, the latter maybe be the correct number as mass graves holding thousands of bodies have been uncovered since the 90’s. Now, there is a systemic effort to figure out what led to this slaughter of thousands.
And yes, the US did know about it. So did other nations. Journalist who reported about it were shut down and their articles left unpublished. Declassified US documents showed that there were those who urged restraint, but as it seems, they were ignored. The bodies were attributed as the work of the North Koreans, not our allies, the South.

Information gotten from:
Thousands killed by US’s Korean ally

Fear, secrecy kept 1950 Korea mass killings hidden


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