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Posted by quirksalight on May 25, 2008

I have a class that I am constantly having trouble with, and it’s of course, on Monday mornings. Nearly every class, I end up getting pissed b/c they are completely acting up. And I feel bad for the half of the class who are actually wanting to learn and/or enjoying the activities that I give them. But the troublemakers are taking my time away from them b/c i’m having to shut them down.
Today, I got mad enough to say to them, “I did not come to Korea to spend my time yelling at you. I came to Korea to teach you English. But you are making that very difficult.”
Some of the students looked a bit embarrassed at this, and more after their peers explained to them what I said. But it’s rather evident that I’m seriously unhappy with them on a regular basis… i think they are one of worse groups that I have to teach. It doesn’t make it better that the class before this one is a group that I really enjoy teaching… making for a stark constrast. Grr….


3 Responses to “Misbehavior”

  1. Jessica said

    Is corporal punishment allowed? :]

  2. gmlee7 said

    hmm.. sorry to hear those kids are misbehaving.

  3. Hah! Corporal punishment is allowed in Korea. I don’t though… too strange for me. I just make them write sentences in English for homework. They seem to dread abstract writing more.

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