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English Camp

Posted by quirksalight on June 1, 2008

This past week (Tues – Thurs) I taught at an English camp at the Incheon Foreign language Training Center on Yeongjeong island (where Incheon airport is located). The REACH camp, as it was called, was geared towards students in isolated communities, who’s access to English education is spottier than on the mainland. It’s a sleep-away camp, with students from several islands southwest of mainland Incheon (like 3-4 hour ferry ride). There were students who were from islands further off, but they couldn’t make it due to fog.
Ah yes, fog. Every morning, there was thick, soupy, fog covering the western part of Incheon, and the waters around it. Which prevented half the students from coming, and the other half were late, as the ferry had to wait for the fog to dissipate.
That started off a very odd camp. Not just in my view, but the teachers at the training center (International and Korean) said the same thing. The schedule was thrown off due to fog and the students arrival times (or not arriving); random injuries, and constant rescheduling of classes and events. Not to mention an unexpected “discussion” on pay.
On the upside, the kids were pretty fun to teach, and their English level wasn’t as low as I had been told to expect. They were a mix of fluency, but I was able to teach in English more than 50% of the time. Plus, like any other camp, there were fun activities and games interspersed making the long day more enjoyable. I got to teach “egg drop” as my club activity. One kid make a nest that survived a two story drop.
And the other teachers were cool to hang out with and talk to. A random surprise was that one of the International teachers had taken the Foreign Service exam and passed it. It was nice to be able to talk to someone about it.


One Response to “English Camp”

  1. gloria said

    ooh foreign service exam! It’s one of my “possibles” after peace corps. The pass rates are a bit daunting though [haha]. How exciting that we’re both interested in it! You can tell me all about the exam. Oh, the benefits of having unnis 😀

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