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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Memorial Day

Posted by quirksalight on June 6, 2008

Memorial Day in the US and in Korea fall about one week of each other. But in the US, where it’s often the signal for the beginning of the summer swimming season and holiday, it’s taken a bit more seriously here. For example, June 6th is Memorial Day here, and this year it fell on a Friday, making a three-day weekend for the country. Which was nice. I took advantage of it by heading to the Danoje Festival in Gangneung (more on that later) with some friends, which is one of the largest cultural events in the country. When there, we met a friendly man who worked in the city hall, and told us that the fireworks were rescheduled for two days earlier than the Welcoming Parade (which is when the fireworks are usually lit) due to Memorial Day. He said that it’s a day to remember the fallen soldiers, not to celebrate by lighting fireworks. Especially in a country where there is still mandatory military service for all men.

It just brings to home that things are still a little raw and fresh here; democracy, voting, right to protest and the war dead.


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