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Mylar foam blankets rock my world

Posted by quirksalight on July 15, 2008

This past Saturday, I went to Deok-Jeok-do (the “-do” suffix means “island”) for a nice day at the beach with a couple friends. However, as you can see here:

Mother Nature did not take kindly to this idea, as it was raining about 99% of the entire day. (For more Murphy’s law humor, it was lovely on Sunday. [sigh])

The trip was nearly called off, but one of us was about to leave the country pretty soon, and I was in the mood for an adventure. Which, it was, and a highly amusing one, that involved heading to an island with a very rough idea of what we were going to do and how to do it. We knew we were going to take the 9:30am ferry to the island, and the 4:10pm ferry back. The goal was to hit the beach. Even though it was raining, we were still going to head to the beach. And swim. And cavort like a bunch of fools. 🙂

We get to Seopori beach, and even in the misty rain, it’s beautiful. However, the water was rather shallow. We’re in the water at high tide, and we had to walk out meters and meters for the water to be waist level. And it was COLD. We’re in the water, and the rain felt like warm pinpricks along our skin, in contrast to the chilly water. Getting out and standing in the rain was actually warmer!

We’ve got some ridiculous memories of this quickie jaunt, including a very long dithering by two of us on whether we should wear our shirt over our bikinis into the water due to the cultural sensitivities of the locals, ultra fresh sashimi, and a live reproduction of a scene straight out of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

And the mylar? It was intended to be a light blanket to sit on at the beach, but it became an all-purpose weathershield for our gear and our bodies. The water just rolled off it, whatever side you had it. One of my best uses of 2,000 won.

More pics here: Image hosted by Webshots.com
by pictures of Deok-Jeok-do


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