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I think my new animal is a turtle

Posted by quirksalight on September 20, 2008

In both Kumdo and Kendo, essential equipment is armor. Gauntlets, a breastplate, and mask, it’s called hogu in Kumdo.
Friday was my first time wearing and practicing in armor. I felt like a turtle! The gauntlets make it much more difficult to hold the jukdo (practice sword) with little finger dexterity. The breastplate had a bottom band, about 6-8 inches in height which is very stiff and is slightly away from the body, so I had to hold the jukdo with my elbows flaring out and arms bent, more so than I would without the armor. It was so awkward! I kept on holding the jukdo too high b/c my body wanted to keep my arms above the band area. My instructor really, really, really didn’t like this.
The mask.. ugh… I’ve used fencing masks, but that’s held to your head with elastic and a flexible back. Also, the neck is flexible. In Kumdo, you’re laced into the mask, and it’s tied quite tightly, as the head is a major target, which isn’t the case in fencing. The neck protection is also extremely rigid, so it isn’t really possible to bend your head down, or turn it easily.

It’s going to get a bit to get used to. La…


2 Responses to “I think my new animal is a turtle”

  1. Christine said

    Please post some pictures of your new armored self! 🙂

  2. shorea said

    Yes, please post a picture!

    The armor we sometimes use makes me feel like a marshmallow, but a turtle is something I gotta see 🙂

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