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It’s nearly time

Posted by quirksalight on October 29, 2008

One week from the Foreign Service Officers Exam.
Upside? Studying can include watching the Daily show and the Colbert Report.
Downside? Teaching Middle school FT and coming home to study for several hours after.

Nov 5th, Korea time. 9am-12pm. Then I go to the Orange Tree in Itaewon to catch the last of the US election results, live. 🙂


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Duck and cover!!

Posted by quirksalight on October 15, 2008

I’m sitting at my desk, puttering around (b/c it’s exam week, and I finished my prep for my classes in the next 3 weeks), when I hear this loud whining noise that I haven’t heard before. First I thought it was a fire alarm, but just an odd one. But then it kept on going. So I asked two of the other teachers in the office what it was.
Turns out it was the “raid” siren. Yes, the one they are going to use in the likelyhood of an invasion by the DPRK. They were testing it out. Apparently it’s a regular thing, though they stopped doing it once and month and now it’s more 1-2 times a year. (Which makes sense that this is the first time I’ve heard it since I arrived here). Strange… makes it really clear that I’m living in a heavily fortified country.
Hmm? Ah… the siren is back on.

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Posted by quirksalight on October 14, 2008

Is it a bad thing when the first thing that pops into my head as I listen to my President’s speech is wondering whether or not he really knows the meaning of the words he just said?

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Minus 9 in 10 minutes

Posted by quirksalight on October 12, 2008

This semester, I instituted a third rule to the “No throwing” and “No hitting” rules in my class. The third one is “No bad words”.

Now, you must be wondering why I put this rule in place when I’m not supposed to be understanding Korean in school. However, it’s apparently rather trendy for the middle school students to swear in English. The most popular being “sh&t”, followed by “f@#k”, and “b#&ch”. Yeah, yeah… I know, I do swear myself, but I know that the students swear b/c they watch movies where the characters say various profane words in a multitude of situations, and think it’s OK. But… it’s not really… and I don’t want to encourage it.

So a violation of one of the rules would lead to that group being docked one point for each infraction. One of my 7th grade students from the “New Zealand” team (I have the team names as English speaking countries), gotten a question wrong, and blurted out, “Oh, sh&t!”

To which I replied, “Excuse me? What did you just say?”
Upon his look of horror, I said, “Right. I thought so. Minus 1 point.” And walked over to the scoreboard and took off a point.
He was so annoyed that his outburst lost a point, he exclaimed, “Oh, sh&t!” once again. So I shrugged, walked over to the scoreboard, and took off another point.

At this point, the entire class, including my co-teacher was laughing at the boy’s exclamations. Especially because, once again, he swore when the second point was removed. This happened several more times, with his teammates getting angrier, the class laughing harder, and I, continuing to take off points as he apparently could not stop repeating the phrase, “Oh, sh&t!” again and again. Finally, after 8 points had been removed, he literally clapped his hands over his mouth to stop himself from saying anything.

Oh, the ninth point? After he had managed to stop swearing, one of girls on his team had gotten so angry with him, she punched him. Minus 9.

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Just… OW~!!!!!

Posted by quirksalight on October 12, 2008

This Sunday morning, I was having a lovely breakfast with a friend of mine, when I chomped down on what felt like a rather large rock. Wondering why there’s a rock in my bacon-cheese toast, I spat it out. Not a rock, my readers, but the filling of my upper molar, with a bit of the tooth too! Oh boy…

Surprisingly, my tooth didn’t really hurt, but was very sensitive to temperature. Still, the missing filling meant that I wouldn’t be able to chew on that side of my mouth when eating, so I went to go get it fixed. Luckily, I knew a professor of Dentistry at Seoul National University’s Medical School, so it was pretty straightforward to go there to get it repaired.

The bad news? It was repairable, but with the amount of tooth lost in that molar, it was highly probable that any filling would loosen and chip away again. This was the second time the filling loosened in this molar. If it happens again, then it’s time for a root canal and crown. Aka – hello, fake tooth.

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Oy, Palin!

Posted by quirksalight on October 8, 2008

Have you heard that Palin wants to be on SNL to spoof Tina Fey? Which would be pretty funny, but the funniest thing is that she’s praising Tina Fey for her caricature of her while saying that she hadn’t even heard the SNL spoofs, just only watched her. Link here.

Even better, here’s the SNL proof of the VP debates… I love this!!

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Palin’s debate coach…

Posted by quirksalight on October 2, 2008

Is none other than O’Donnell!!!

“And Mrs Palin is being trained for her debate by Brett O’Donnell, who coaches the debating team at Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, so there are unlikely to be any punches thrown at her preparation sessions either. ”
from the BBC news: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7647067.stm

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