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Just… OW~!!!!!

Posted by quirksalight on October 12, 2008

This Sunday morning, I was having a lovely breakfast with a friend of mine, when I chomped down on what felt like a rather large rock. Wondering why there’s a rock in my bacon-cheese toast, I spat it out. Not a rock, my readers, but the filling of my upper molar, with a bit of the tooth too! Oh boy…

Surprisingly, my tooth didn’t really hurt, but was very sensitive to temperature. Still, the missing filling meant that I wouldn’t be able to chew on that side of my mouth when eating, so I went to go get it fixed. Luckily, I knew a professor of Dentistry at Seoul National University’s Medical School, so it was pretty straightforward to go there to get it repaired.

The bad news? It was repairable, but with the amount of tooth lost in that molar, it was highly probable that any filling would loosen and chip away again. This was the second time the filling loosened in this molar. If it happens again, then it’s time for a root canal and crown. Aka – hello, fake tooth.


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