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Bond! Bond! Bond!

Posted by quirksalight on November 17, 2008

Ok, I love the James Bond movies. Probably has something to do with being indoctrinated in them as a child. (my mother also loves the James Bond movies – it was a surefire Christmas present hit until we bought them all)

(FYI – Spoilers are coming up)

Anyhoo…. the movie has been out in Korea since Nov 5th and a couple gals and I went to check out the classic agent No.1 last Friday in “Quantum of Solace”. Personally, Daniel Craig is my favorite actor playing Bond, though I had some reservations at first. But the lovely turn in “Casino Royale” erased my doubts. I like the fact that this incarnation of Bond had a bit of rough to it; the suave and the polish shown by the other actors is a bit less evident, and the capacity for ruthlessness more so. Which, in my opinion, makes the character more interesting.

“Quantum” does suck in comparison to “Royale”. The intro sequence is a bit choppy, and unless you’ve seen the first one relatively recently, it’ll take you a couple minutes to sort out where the opening sequence is taking place. The supporting characters aren’t introduced very well, and some, like Ms Fields, are just irrelevant. It’s also more flip rather than smooth transitions between sequences and scenes. The effects and things that go boom are well done (as always), with some neat little tricks with technology. (can we say, Minority Report??)

Definitely not in the top five of my favorites, but a fun evening with the girls.


One Response to “Bond! Bond! Bond!”

  1. JD said

    See, I thought that the new one was just an extension to the old. While I was disappointed with the lack of plot, I chalked it up to a necessary segue to Bond 23, coming to a theater near you in 2011. At least, I hope…

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