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Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

Posted by quirksalight on January 26, 2009

This is an annual festival in Gangwon province, the northeastern most province in Korea. It’s also the mountainous, and the coldest. (FYI, the best skiing in the country is here)
Every January, the Hwacheon area has an annual Ice Festival, focusing on the Sancheoneo fish, which is a Korean mountain trout, in the same family as Salmon. It’s a freshwater fish, and lives in only in cold water. I attended it the weekend of Jan 17th.

Several friends and attended a trip organized by Adventure Korea, a tour group that caters to young expats here. Everything is taken care of, but the drawback is that you’re on a pretty tight schedule.
Ice fishing was interesting….we paired up, found a promising hole in the foot thick river ice, and tried to catch *something*. Not really…. we saw other people around us catch some tasty looking fish, but the only thing that happened with our hooks was missing bait. 😛

We did get some fish…because of a photo op! Apparently the PR people liked the look of our group b/c they gave us some fish for a PR shoot on the ice. So if you see me holding some Sancheoneo fish in a picture….

Other highlights include barehands fishing (yes, you strip down to shorts and a T, jump into a pool of VERY cold water to grab fish), ice and snow sculptures, bumper tubes, sledding, and other festival type rides.


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