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Snowboarding II

Posted by quirksalight on January 26, 2009

MLK day in the US, the first day of my vacation in Korea.
I went back to Bear’s Town Resort with Q and a couple other guys from Casey to practice….and ouch.
I did get a helmet, but it’s annoying… it muffles a lot of sound, and I feel like I’m overheating. But I’m going to need it for a while… especially since I’m trying to learn how to go backwards.

Odd thing… I bought a new pair of snowboarding gloves two weeks prior, when I first came to the resort. In the middle of one of the runs, I noticed that the seams were already popping and the stuffing coming out. This being rather irritating as they were pretty much new. So I went back to the resort shop to get a replacement… which I was able to, without a receipt. But… a catch… the only one of that type and price was… pink.

Here are some photos of the resort, Q, the board I was using, and my new gloves…


2 Responses to “Snowboarding II”

  1. Dan said

    Looks like fun! How much does it snow there?

  2. This was all artificial! 🙂 But the Gangwon province gets a decent amount… they had the World Snowboarding Championships there a couple weeks ago.

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