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Food poisoning

Posted by quirksalight on February 9, 2009

Last week, we ordered lunch (like usual) at school, and decided to pick Soon Doo Boo jigae, which is a soft tofu seafood stew. It’s definitely on my favorite Korean foods. However, this time, it was a little, off. I started eating it, and I really couldn’t place what, but I had to stop eating it because my palate and gut was telling something was wrong. In about 90 minutes later, yep, gut and palate was right. The good ‘ol GI tract started grumbling, and severe cramping kicked in.

I left school early, and went home, where in the early evening, my body felt like someone had taken a rubber hose and beat every single one of my muscles. Ugh… movement in general was severely painful and slow. Indeed, voiding the GI tract (you can use your imagination here) helped a little, but not too much.

After the muscle pains passed, I started on antibiotics… now… it’s 3 days later, and there are *still* some after effects… Blargh…

Lesson learned. Food is food. It can still f*&% you up.


3 Responses to “Food poisoning”

  1. gretalint said

    You can get food poisoning at home, in a dive or at a high-end classy restaurant. My parents and I got sick from a plated salad at a very nice restaurant in Hickory, North Carolina. The Catawba County Health Department found the kitchen staff to be a little slack – dirty pots and pans, food not being kept at proper temps – a perfect breeding ground for problems.

    My parents were hospitalized for several days and took a couple of months to fully recover.

    I encourage you to visit http://www.safetables.org for more information about food-borne illness.

  2. Dan said

    Sorry to hear that, and I hope you’re feeling completely recovered by now. Soon Doo Boo jigae happens to be my (and Yoko’s) favorite too!

  3. gloria said

    Oh, soon doo boo! Why?! Such deliciousness tainted [dramatic sigh].


    Hope you’re feeling better (completely)!

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