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Qualifications Evaluation Panel

Posted by quirksalight on February 18, 2009

I received an e-mail, stating that my results were in for the Qualifications Evaluation Panel.
This is what I got:

Yup! I passed!!!! Now I have to decide when between May 4 – June 30 I would like to take the Oral Assessment in DC and sign up in the 2nd week of March.


5 Responses to “Qualifications Evaluation Panel”

  1. Mark said

    Congrats! I received the same letter yesterday as well! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss all the paperwork, etc they require. I also heard it is recommended to contact the Diplomat in Residence (http://careers.state.gov/resources/diplomats.html#list) closest to you to find out about any upcoming Oral Prep Sessions.

    Cheers, Mark

  2. A said

    Congratulations!!! I am currently studying for the FSOT too! Do you have any tips on studying? How did you study? That is what is worrying me most. I feel like I may be spending too much time on trying to know every county and detailed history. And missing other things. Is it important was it to read the NYT everyday for the FSOT or just to be generally aware for the Oral? What cone did you go?
    Can I ask what your passing score was?


  3. A said

    Please reply to this one… sorry…

  4. fsowannabe said

    Congratulations and good luck on the Orals. I just found your website, and look very forward to hearing about your experience at the OA (to the extent you can disclose).

  5. Jeremy said

    I took the FSOT in June of 2009. I passed that and turned in my personal narratives, but didn’t pass the QEP.

    I mean to come in out of nowhere with this, but I came across your blog today I was wondering if I could talk with you about the QEP essays.

    Having been reading through your blog, it seems that we have a fair amount in common, I looking forward to making your acquaintance.


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