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A Chainsaw, night out and a question…

Posted by quirksalight on April 7, 2009

One thing that Hannover is also known for is its Flea market on Saturdays. I like to shop, and I like unusual things, so it was a good plan to start off the day. There was a large sign, posting the rules and regulations of the market, which I thought was amusing.
But the strange items… I saw one booth selling US license plates (no joke!) and another one selling a coat hook made of the lower leg and hoof of deer. Plus the Bonaza western food truck. But the oddest thing was the chainsaw.

Now, the backstory for the chainsaw has to do with a tradition in Hannover. Apparently when guys turn 30 in the Hannover region, their friends organize a rather strange set of events. First, a bizarre costume. Then a mess of stuff that they have to clean up. For the guy in question, O, he was to clean up large amounts of bottle caps off the steps of the main University building with a toothbrush while dressed up as Heidi Klum. Uh huh…

Not only that, but for them to stop cleaning and looking rather foolish, the birthday boy has to accomplish a task. This being persuading some girls to participate in a “Top Model” photo shoot using some odd props. Hence, the chainsaw. Since MR was part of the group getting the items together, his job was to get a chainsaw. No, he didn’t buy the one at the market, but damn, that was an odd coincidence. 🙂

It wasn’t until Saturday that MR and I made it to Neus Rathaus – the new city hall. This is an amazing building… the design, inside and out, is over the top with fantastic carvings. The structure is in a Rococo style, and in great condition. Several neat things – you can see how the city of Hannover changed over the centuries with accuate scale models. Also, it was possible to go up to the very top of the building with an elevator that doesn’t go straight up, but at an angle, as it follows the curavture of the dome. There’s a glass ceiling and floor that lets you see the curvature as you go up and down.
And the top! An amazing view of the city… the flatness of the city makes it easy to see it unfold in front of you.

Another cool thing was the Museum fur Textiles Kunst, or the Museum for Textile Art. It’s actually a private collection of clothes and textiles from around the world that a Hannover designer and her husband collect and manage. MR and I were the only ones there and got an amazing tour of the place. Definitely owe MR a big one… he did a good deal of translation for me. Interestingly enough, the designer made the stage clothes for the band Scorpions.

“So, is it normal for German guys to grab and hold onto a girl’s butt withoout speaking to them first?” That’s the question I posed to MR when we were out Sat night with another friend of his, O. After meeting with GO over drinks (and analyzing the variety of Becks beer types available), O joined up with us and we (minus GO) went back to Steintor for another interesting evening, which is proved to be. Besides the musical impression – apparently I flew over the Atlantic to hear 80’s pop, Bryan Adams, and Vanilla Ice mixed with techno and German folk music, MR and noticed O grabbing a random girl’s butt. But not just a grab, but a grab and then he just held on!

And the oddest thing was that neither party was reacting to this, and both just slightly dancing, with the only contact being the hand to rear, still not facing each other.
MR’s answer was even funnier: “Hmm, it’s not going to work.” Note that the question wasn’t answered. 😀 Though, he was right… O showed up a couple minutes later, shrugged, and we all continued on as it that interlude never occurred.
Later that night over the post-partying kebobs, I asked O that question once again. His reply: “OH…Oh dear…”


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