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Friday night, there was a party… Hannover part II

Posted by quirksalight on April 7, 2009

Friday was a bit more lazy… I think I got up around noon? Hahah… it really is indeed a vacation. 🙂

This was art day. I went to hit two main museums – the Kestner and the Spengler. The former is known for its antiquities, old coins, and a rich collection of Christian art and manuscripts. The latter is a modern art gallery – eclectic and totally eye opening.

I went to the Kestner first as MR also wanted to go to the Spengler.
Another thing I noticed and really liked at all the museums was the readily available lockers for your belongings as you tour the place. Much better than a just a cloakroom, and plus your get your euro back. 😛

The Kestner was pretty neat – the ancient coin collection was very cool… coins with Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Elizabeth I, pluse more were there. The Greek and Roman antiquities were also impressive, but the collection of glass was a favorite of mine. And of course, the couch shaped like a pair of lips.

Spengler had several interesting collections, but what I just missed (because it was starting up after I left Hannover) was an exhibition on Franz Marc. I saw some of his work at the Spengler and was totally wowed by it. A little weird, actually. I like art, but generally don’t have the “must get a copy” feeling over the works of a particular artist. But definitely, I wanted copies of his painting and woodblock prints. More the latter. But… no go! Only the color prints were available.

And the infamous Steintor area. It’s the party district, and pretty amusing. MR and I met a couple of his friends for some amusement. Which they did provide. 🙂 The guys were amused that we were actually hitting the clubs in the lonely planet guidebook. (Which, btw, all of my German friends read and totally got a kick out of it) Not a bad evening.


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