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Wedding bells

Posted by quirksalight on July 13, 2009

And they are NOT mine!
That said, this past week was the second of the weddings that I’m invited to in 2009. After missing, I think, 6 last year, there’s 4 this year. As a former teacher said to me, “There’s a time in your life where it’s all weddings”. Yep.

Ever quirky, AF and GR (now GF!) had a small ceremony and reception at Le Bec Fin on Wednesday. I have to admit, the first thing I asked AF when he told me the date was if they chose a Wednesday to discourage people from actually attending. 😛 It was actually for the numerical order: 07/08/09
Anyhow, it was nice to be there and celebrate a very happy moment of one of my longest and closest friends. 12 freaking years! Man…

It was very casual and impromptu. After getting the vows, exchanging the rings, and signing the marriage documents, several people got up and spoke about the couple, together and individually. I got up and told the story of how they had met and started dating. Hadn’t really planned on it, but as I later said to the bride’s father, I had told this story a couple of times in the past, so off the cuff wasn’t a big stretch. Involving a series of coincidences, a ratty old sweater, and yarn over a 5-6 month stretch of time, it was a long and apparently VERY amusing story.

Dinner, drinks, bar hopping… It was a great way to celebrate, and to finally meet people, who in some cases, I’d been hearing about for years. As this was part I, I can’t wait for Part II!


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