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FS Update: Going in circles and banging into walls

Posted by quirksalight on July 31, 2009

I had thought my medical clearance process was about to be completed when I ran into a rather annoying issue.

At the beginning of this year, I found out through a a routine ultrasound that I have an ovarian cyst, which is very common in women. If the Dr at the time didn’t want some baseline ultrasound results, I wouldn’t have known it was there, as it’s completely asymptomatic. However, this was something the Dr from State wanted to get looked at again. So, I got another ultrasound and met with a gynecologist, who was surprised that I came for an asymptomatic cyst, and wrote that it was most likely physiologic, which means that it’s normal. However, she also noted that I should get another ultrasound in a couple of months to keep an eye on it.

Upon calling this morning to check on my clearance status, I was told that b/c the gynecologist recommended another ultrasound in a couple of months, that I wouldn’t be able to get clearance until this issue was closed. Now, this is rather odd to me. The cyst has been diagnosed as physiologic, asymptomatic, and two ultrasounds have shown it to be stable. If I have to get another ultrasound to prove that it’s ok, what happens if it shows the exact same thing? Are 3 scans enough? Four? Five? What would make it considered to be “closed”? If the cyst never goes away and stays there, stable, does that mean I would never be able to get clearance? In this line of reasoning, how do others with chronic conditions that just need to be monitored and/or treated such as hypercholesteremia and high blood pressure be cleared?

When I spoke with the nurse at State about these issues, she agreed that it was rather circular and also wasn’t able to explain to be what would need to occur for it to be considered “closed”. We both agreed that I needed to talk to the Dr handing my case file, who’s supposed to call me back about this. While waiting, I called the gynecologist’s office to update them about this issue, including the possibility that I would need supplementary note in support of this being a non-issue for clearance. They agreed and I am to call them back once I get things cleared up with State.

So now I’m waiting to hear back from the Dr handling my case at State. If I don’t hear from them by early next week, I’ll start calling again.


One Response to “FS Update: Going in circles and banging into walls”

  1. Anne said

    Wow, unbelieveable! What the fuck? Those are the only 3 words I have. I hope they will turn on their brains, soon!
    Good luck

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