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FS Update: Korean language test

Posted by quirksalight on August 5, 2009

Tuesday (Aug 4th) was also the Korean language test. Just speaking, over the phone. Passing with a 2/5 proficiency would give me an extra 0.4 on my ranking, which would allow me to get off the roster for training faster. (once I get ON the roster after all the clearances and the suitability review are finished)
The scale that the Foreign Service uses is here.

My language test was about 30 minutes long and run by two examiners; one speaking in English and the other in Korean. The English speaking examiner was the one giving the instructions and listening in to my conversation with the Korean speaking examiner. There were three separate sections. The first was free conversation. The second was a directed conversation about a given topic. And the third was an interview style, where I had to ask the Korean speaking examiner questions about a given topic, and then report back the results in English to the English speaking examiner. That’s it. Apparently I can call in to find out my results in about a week.


2 Responses to “FS Update: Korean language test”

  1. pixie said

    How did you learn Korean? That is, did you learn entirely by ear or did you take grammar classes and if so, were the classes real or online?

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