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"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Time to Jump

Posted by quirksalight on August 13, 2009

So… today’s my 30th birthday, and I am in my parents’ house, waiting for another major shift in my life.

I think the 20s were a decade of changes and searching. Discovering that my goal of being a professor was a goal that I pursued for so long, and yet was totally not what I expected or wanted; graduation, KG’s death, revolving and evolving relationships….. I’m hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself that I’ve actually learned something from the tumult.

But it’s also interesting that the age people snicker about and consider to a milestone in one’s life is in fact, a milestone. (There’s truth in them tales, eh?) This is the year that I’m truly leaving academia and engineering for something completely different. And I’ve got butterflies.

They are the same butterflies that I had, standing on a cliff side in Santa Rosa, NM, about to jump into clear, dark blue 62 degree water in the middle of the desert. And now, I’m making a massive career change, not knowing where it’ll take me or how it’ll go or end. Time to jump.


2 Responses to “Time to Jump”

  1. Courtney said

    Hey there, I’m a FSO hopeful(fingers crossed) who deferred the February A-100 class, turned 30 in March, ended a relationship that spanned most of my 20’s, and am now aiming for the September A-100 class. And obsessively trawling Foreign Service blogs…. Just wanted to say that I get you on the upheaval, butterflies, and the feeling that one is jumping (in a good way!). Congrats on your decision and good luck in Korea.

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