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More waiting…

Posted by quirksalight on September 16, 2009

Talking to the FS registrar’s office today, I found out that a) my clearances are still incomplete, and b) all the October invites have been sent. On the upside, my score is apparently good enough to get into the Jan or Feb classes, assuming my clearances are in.


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A glimmer of hope

Posted by quirksalight on September 12, 2009

After hearing for about a month that my clearance status was “pending”, I called for my 7-10 day check up on Friday to hear that it’s now in adjudication, which is the last stage of the security clearance process. After this, I’ve got the Final Suitability Review before the roster. Not sure if I’ll make the 149th training class (October), but I do have a glimmer of hope, as the 149th hasn’t been filled yet.

It’s hard to not get a bit frustrated, but I know that this process is going lightning fast in comparison to some of my friends. Their clearance process took much longer, over a year in some cases.

Crossing my fingers. Next call time is the 21st.

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