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Circling about is amusing

Posted by quirksalight on November 13, 2009

I used to be on the debate team in high school. In fact, the public high school I attended was well know on the national level for policy (team) debate, and my partners and I did quite well. (It also probably helped me get into college, but that’s another story or another time.)

A big part of policy debate was to have evidence to back up whatever argument or counterargument you were laying out (at an extremely rapid clip). So I and the other members of my high school debate team would spend many hours every week digging around, clipping and preparing evidence sheets for any and every argument we could think of that may have some tenuous connection to that year’s topic.
We always found a tie in to some apocalyptic scenario for every topic; don’t you see that changing the juvenile crime policy in the United States will cause a global nuclear disaster? 😛 Yes, seriously, totally.

Now, however many years later, in those same policy journals we read and clipped for evidence, I’m beginning to see some familiar names. Some of my fellow debaters are now publishing the articles in journals we used for sources way back when, and that the high school policy debaters are now cutting. How funny is that? Don’t know about you, but it definitely brought a smile to my face.


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