Uncertainty can be happiness

"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

Happy New Year!

Posted by quirksalight on January 2, 2010

Technically, it’s not the next decade yet. Considering the real start of the century was 2001, the next decade is in fact a year away. I guess it’s just sexier to call 2010 (Ooo, it has a zero at the end!) the next decade.

This is also the time when many people make resolutions for the year that end up being discarded by the wayside in a month or two, with the few that actually stick. So will you make a resolution this year? I’ve been thinking about it…. I usually don’t. I’ll probably just stick to the “Carpe Diem” attitude to try to live by. Oh, maybe patience. Though most of 2009 was a practice in patience, perhaps it’s something that I should stick to. 🙂


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