Uncertainty can be happiness

"Security is a false god," or running around the world as an FSO

FS Update: Progress!

Posted by quirksalight on January 7, 2010

E-mailed for a status check on Jan 4th.
Ans received today: TS clearance granted on 12/24/09

Santa, you rock, even though I couldn’t find your present until today. Thanks for delivering the present from State! What a way to kick off the new year!


3 Responses to “FS Update: Progress!”

  1. Halima said

    AWESOME news! Congrats! Very happy for you and yes, what a way to kick off the new year! My own saga is continuing (still in adjudication purgatory – it will be three months next week). Look forward to reading your posts from A-100.

    Btw – when are you planning to head to A-100?


    • Thanks for the good wishes! I’m not on the register yet, so there’s a bit more waiting to go. But so close!! 🙂
      I was in adjudication for 11 weeks, so hang in there!

  2. Halima said

    Thanks for the reply. My good news – I got my TS Clearance on Jan 25th!!!! WOOHOO! Closely reading your blog to understand what the potential timeline for the final suitability review might be. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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